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Spartan Nation was one of the first to report about the possibility of assistant coaches unionizing. I spoke on Sunday with an NFL long time assistant who told me about the process, “I would say it is definitely going to happen. With the CBA shot to [crap] there is no sense pushing the issue until that is resolved. Once it is handled, then it becomes a front burner issue.”


For the first time since February the league and the NFLPA have met about their collective bargaining deal. I told you recently in this column that when both sides start to get quiet is when you would know something is close. There is no news to report and one of the two parties told me, “Nothing new at all. There is a little movement on little things, but it is stalemated right now.”


A source at the NFL offices told me that with Lions’ President Tom Lewand’s recent DUI arrest, “The Commissioner will have to do something if he is convicted. An apology has been issued, that is a kind of admittance.  I would expect that once the legal process has been completed there will be something done.”


Matt Cassel, the Chiefs’ QB, had an adjustment period. Scott Pioli, the GM of the Chiefs, knows first hand from when they were in New England together what he can do. I mentioned last week the issue now is to upgrade the talent around him. The Chiefs are one of my top five teams as far as upgrading this past year. They have added solid pieces and they understood that they weren’t one player away, so they didn’t overpay. 2010 will be another tough season, but in 2011 Chiefs’ fans can let their expectations rise. It is tough being yet another year away (as a Lions fan), but there is actually hope for you all.


NFL Commissioner Roger GODell spoke last night to the NFL rookies. One rookie who was there told me, “He made his point. We are going to make a lot of money and he doesn’t want any of us or anyone connected with the league screwing it up. He took a lot of questions and really seemed liked he wanted to be there. He was cool.”


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Buying a part of the Denver Broncos for John Elway is a real possibility. In fact, two people I talked to this weekend believe it is essentially a done deal if John picks up the phone. “Bowlen (Broncos owner Pat Bowlen) loves him some Elway now. Whatever Elway wanted he would get. They are close and they have an incredible relationship.”


So, Mike Vick decides to throw himself a birthday party. Not a big deal, they happen all the time. The bad part was that he invited questionable character people and luckily no dogs were killed. The bad part was that there was a shooting and no one is cooperating. Vick’s future looks bleak and I will be shocked if he plays in the league in 2010. He is not a focus of the investigation, but his probation and the league have been clear on avoiding these situations.


Adrian Peterson can say all he wants about missing mini camp. The point he made was loud.


There is trouble in San Diego. For a team that thinks they were one player away from a Super Bowl in 2010, things are getting bleak. WR Vincent Jackson and LT Marcus McNeill did not sign their restricted free agent tenders and the team (as is their right) reduced their compensation for the 2010 season. Both are going to have long holdouts and if you are a Chargers fan, you can’t blame either side. This is the business of NFL football and this is one of the reasons why so many teams around the league saw what they gave to move up for one player in the draft and shook their heads. Almost certainly, the Chargers would have gone LT or WR and these players holding out would have a different look.


You are going to hear a lot of talk out of St. Louis about A.J. Feeley over Sam Bradford. Rams players love Bradford, but the concern is more about the OL. “He would maybe get killed with that line. I wouldn’t rush him either,” is how one NFL person with direct knowledge of the situation describes it.


Drew Stanton’s struggles at Lions mini camp recently were well documented. He threw two interceptions to a rookie CB. Stanton has pretty much been assured in previous years that he would make this team. That is not the case this year and with the scrutiny of the QB position, he can’t afford too many more bad days.


There is a lot of talk about the human SUHnami signing with the Lions prior to camp. He has been at and done all the Lions expected out of him. If Martin Mayhew leads the way for the Lions on this and not embattled President Tom Lewand, I expect smooth sailing.