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Weekly Ticket Machine Ticket Winner!

For the last few weeks we have been giving away two tickets to a Tigers game courtesy of our friends at the Ticket Machine. We have asked you to email in why you want the Tickets and we put each request in a hat and select one. This week’s winner is very unique and I think it will touch your heart.

Hi Hondo.

I am in foster care. I have two very loving foster parents and a foster brother who is a birth child for them. I have not been easy to them and as I have gotten a little older I realize that this family has done a lot for me.

 Because I have not been easy they could have given up on me and they haven’t. I am very thankful for both my foster parents, but I know it has been hard on my foster brother and foster dad because maybe they couldn’t do as much a lone since I live here.

 I had a lot of rough times realizing that family is the people who love you and want you. I feel very bad about how I used to act and I want to give them these tickets so they can have some real dad and son time.

 We read Spartan nation all the time and they have helped me become a sports fan also. Thanks for considering my dad and brother.

 (Name withheld)


 In case you are wondering I withheld his name after I communicated with his dad and was asked not to use their name due to this young man’s background. I want to share with you all part of the email from his dad:

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I was overwhelmed by your email and phone call today. We have two sons. Not one. He is not our foster son. Due to circumstances adoption isn’t a possibility unfortunately, but we would like to decline the tickets. I asked my birth son and he agreed that we are a family and we don’t want to go to an event without my other son.

 I love the site and they way you and the Ticket Machine give away tickets, but we both want him to know that he is family just like we are. It hasn’t been easy, but we have been blessed to love a young man who has had to learn to accept and trust people and their love. On behalf of my wife and son, we can truly tell you that we are a family of four, not three and a guest.

 (Name withheld)


Well folks when Brian at the Ticket Machine heard this he was not going to let these special people give back tickets. The Ticket Machine is giving these people the following:

  1. Four MSU football tickets against UM.
  2. Four MSU basketball tickets against UM.
  3. Four seats in a suite to a Tigers game.
  4. Four seats in a suite to a Lions game.
  5. Four seats in a suite to a Red Wings game.
  6. Four seats in a suite to a Pistons game.
  7. A parking pass to all six events.

Brian the owner of the Ticket Machine has a great relationship with his dad and wanted to do this in honor of him.

When you need tickets to any event, please use the ticket machine and honor a Spartan and someone with a heart like this.

If you want to win the last set of tickets to a Tigers game, email me what you would do with two tickets.