What Did Yesterday's First Pitch Mean?

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Last night, as I watch President Obama throw out the first pitch of the MLB All-Star game, it signified one of the many roles sports has in the world.

Regardless of your political views there’s a spectacle that comes along with the President of the United States showing his support at such an event.

Dressed in jeans, gym shoes and his favorite team’s jacket, if only for a few minutes, the most powerful man in the world was just like every sports loving fan in America. But it wasn’t an act, he truly is just like every sports loving fan in America.
For him and many of us, sports are an escape; an escape from the everyday grind that puts a smile on their face to see their team win or breaks their heart when they lose.

 It’s the universal connector that all gather around but at the same time divides us.

 Too many times in sports we tend to focus on the negative. Steroids, cheating, and off field incidents seem to always fill the headlines.

 While the All-Star game has certainly taken its bumps over the last few years with critics, it gives us a chance to see (for the most part) the best the game has to offer.

 Clearly forces in our personal lives, across the country and around the world create tensions each day. From day-to-day tasks like homework to making world decisions that effect the security of us all, sports may be one of the most important things in many of our lives.

While we may get frustrated more than we like, the role sports have in many of our lives can never be diminished.

 So next time, while you’re teams losing and it seems to wreck your day, or the next time your team wins a championship and compares with the birth of your first born, sit back an appreciate all the things sports has done and continues to do.

 Its audience may be larger than your think.