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May the Force be with You?

The Force be with you?  Not in this case.  Denard Robinson had an amazing day for UM against UCONN.  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

The Force be with you? Not in this case. Denard Robinson had an amazing day for UM against UCONN. Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.


It’s been in the making since he lost his wings.

So Michigan fans can’t say they didn’t expect Tate Forcier to eventually explode, but not in the public manner he did during his post-game “interview” Saturday.

Forcier was quoted as saying “all you need to know is I’m out,” after Michigan’s season-opening 30-10 win over UConn.

Just a year ago, Forcier was billed as the next big deal in Ann Arbor. He was the quarterback of the future, and the anticipation of his greatness had Wolverine fans on cloud nine for the first four weeks of the 2009 season.

It ended once Larry Caper capped off Michigan State’s 26-20 win in overtime against Michigan last October.

It was all downhill after that for Forcier. The question of who was going to lead Michigan this fall was a hot topic, and as expected, it was Denard Robinson that was given the keys.

Robinson’s performance was something to take note of; he looked great. Robinson rushed for 197 yards and passed for 186 in front of 114,000 rabid Wolverine supporters at The Big House.

And then, in a cruel twist of fate, cameras panned to Forcier — who was on the bench, with his hands in his palms. The look said it all, and no matter how bad Michigan State fans want to dislike the kid, it’s hard not to feel for him.

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Forcier was publicly humiliated by his own program — whether it was on purpose or not, it happened. Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez didn’t go on-record to support his ailing quarterback, and the sophomore snapped; as anyone cornered by the media would.

No Rodriguez comment along the lines of ‘it’s tough, but we’ll help him make it through.’

Forcier’s comment may have been taken out of context, but it’s clear that “all you need to know is I’m out” means one thing.

He’s gone.

It’s a possibility that his words were emotionally-charged, and he flew off the handle. But if Forcier had any sense; he wouldn’t just fire off meaningless darts for the sake of attention. I give him credit for knowing what he stepped into.

Every program has challenging times. Michigan had its fair share, and Michigan State hasn’t slipped by squeaky clean, either.

For Michigan fans — and to so quickly — turn on the kid they dubbed “The Force” is a shame — shame on devout Michigan supporters for throwing Forcier to the wolves.

Where is the loyalty? What happens if Robinson doesn’t pan out?

Will they be humble enough to ask for Forcier’s services, or is it too late. No official news of a transfer has been broken, and I don’t expect it to come instantly.

Now, Forcier is a distant memory in a ‘what have you done for me lately’ culture we know as sports. Keep in mind he is barely out of high school, and competing at a high level. He launched to meteoric heights within weeks last fall; only to come crashing down like a lead balloon Saturday.

It would crush anyone’s ego — including your own.