Winter Classic? More Like Cold War

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In case you haven’t been filled with excitement for tomorrow’s Winter Classic, last night game my have pushed you over the edge.

Along with all the obvious fan fair that comes with the NHL’s second annual event, this game actually has some added drama.

Sure its at Wrigley Field, national and international television coverage and the eyes of the hockey world gazing upon it. And oh yeah did I mention that it’s outdoors, in Chicago, in January?

That being said, two of the three elite teams in the Western Conference will be battling.

One team, Detroit Red Wings trying to solidify a dynasty. The defending NHL champs, winners of more Stanley Cups in the last 20 years than any other program and of course home of “Hockeytown.”

The other, Chicago Blackhawks, on the upswing of a program that has longed for this resurgence. They are arguably one of the hottest teams in the NHL right now, winners of 9 of their last 10 games, averaging the largest home attendance, and just six points back of the Wings and are two games shy of that played.

If you watched yesterday’s game and the past few games dating back to last season, you can already get a feeling of what tomorrow’s game will hold. Both teams will bring their own chips on their shoulders in what is sure to be an epic showdown.

Instead of annual “Winter Classic” this game should more than likely resemble that of the 2001 battle between the Spartans and Wolverines in what was known as the “Cold War.”

Expect to see at least 2-3 fights and more than your average love taps that come within your average hockey game.

Both teams come filled with superstars and All-stars. On the ice names like Datsuyk, Zetterberg, and Lindstrom will take on newcomers the likes of Kane, Towes and Campbell.

Judging by the level these two programs have set for themselves, the matchup will go down for the ages. The Blackhawks will try and overtake the power of the west while the Wings will do what it takes to keep it.

That being said, if we can only get the NHL to realize January 1st is known and will forever be known as college football day to showcase some of their best talent. More the game to few days after the National Championship and your number of viewers will skyrocket.

In any case, tune in to tomorrow’s Winter Classic, or at least flip back and forth when your college football game is at commercial.

What are your thoughts on this years Winter Classic or on the event in general?