MSU 2022 Target Jason Llewellyn's Key Word: Accountability

Michigan State target, Jason Llewellyn's passion for football starts with brotherhood; one he could continue with MSU commit Hampton Fay.
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“I have that passion for it,” Jason Llewellyn, Michigan State 2022 target said.

A passion; not just a love for the game of football.

“It’s really hard to describe and put into words.”

Ever since he was little, taking his football career far is what Llewellyn wanted to do.

While it’s hard for Llewellyn to put his passion for football into words, there is one word that seems to sum it up pretty well.


But not in a frightening way.

“There’s the fans, the atmosphere of college football; it’s something I really want to be part of. It’s not something you can describe, it’s just a feeling of what I want to do.”

Having the thrill for the chills, the best part of football for Llewellyn is the brotherhood.

“You go workout with your friends and push each other. If you don’t keep each other accountable, you’re not going to win.”

Accountability. A keyword Llewellyn brought up when talking to Spartan Nation.

“It’s really everybody’s all in and committed, sometimes it comes down to keeping everyone accountable. If you allow guys to slack off and cut reps, you’re not holding them accountable. It’s about having each other’s back.”

And that’s what brotherhood is about, being there and supporting each other.

“It’s like hey, if you want that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that state championship, you gotta keep working hard every day.”

Llewellyn’s driven and winning mindset is similar to MSU 2021 commit, Hampton Fay.

“We go way back playing at Aledo together. He is a hard worker and a very coachable player with a lot of talent,” Fay said.

“He [Fay] was saying the coaches are awesome and he was excited for me after I got the offer,” Llewellyn said. “I know they [MSU] are a great program and produce a lot of great players.”

Being a class younger than Fay and having more time to decide, who knows if these two will continue that brotherhood.

“That’d be really cool to go play with him; especially since he’s quarterback, he’d be throwing to me and I’d be blocking for him,” Llewellyn said.

“I can see myself going there in the future and having those relationships and that brotherhood bond.”

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