MSU Commit Logan Murray: “You’re Family.”

His mom being the reason he's going to his dream school, it's no question why Logan Murray chose Michigan State as his second family.
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“I got offered maybe four days before Mother’s Day,” MSU ’21 commit Logan Murray said.

Even with Michigan State being his dream school, he waited to verbally commit.

“I told them I’m going to commit on Mother’s Day to make it special. Throughout the years, it’s just been me and my mom. She does everything for me. She’s the reason I’m going to State.”

It’s no wonder Murray wanted to make his commitment so special. Not just for him, but for the person who got him to his dream school.

“We went from not doing too good to her being a CEO of an orphanage. She’s a come from nothing, become something story. She’s my motivation.”

Like his mom who supported him since day one and helped him reach his dreams, Murray does the same in return.

“I love giving back to the younger kids. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of male figures. I like to give back. I’m an assistant coach for all the Peewee leagues around here. I do Catholic school Peewee in Flint Inner City; I try to give back as much as I can. At the end of the day, that’s my goal.”

On top of his football training, Murray helps his mom out at the Whaley’s Children Center in Flint.

“I’m there like every week, twice, and for four hours a day.”

He puts in the time, even if he’s just helping out with the small things. Because for Murray, sometimes doing the small things mean the most. …

Like his two tattoos: LXXIII [#73] and verse John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

“I wore 73 throughout high school, because my dad passed away. But that’s the year he was born, 1973. Then I got ‘the light shines in the darkness’ – John 1:5 – a little bit later. I’ve always used that quote as motivation. I’m not the highest recruit, not the tallest guy, but I’m willing to work harder than the five stars.”

Like Murray said, he may not be the number one target, or even the fifth-best target. But he is a determined athlete and person.

And one of the main reasons Michigan State was his dream school, and is now his reality, is because. …

“It doesn’t matter what recruit you are or what grade you are, you’re family.”

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