MSU Commit Logan Murray: "I told everybody. It was my dream."

At six years old, it was Logan Murray's dream to play for Michigan State football. Now, it's a reality for the 2021 commit.
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“I told my mom when I was six years old, I wanted to play for MSU,” Michigan State 2021 commit Logan Murray said. 

“Did she think I was crazy? A little bit. But she believed in me.”

At six years old, it was a dream. Now, it’s a reality.

“I told everybody. It was my dream.”

Spartan fan, to signing on Dec. 16 and becoming an MSU offensive guard.

After receiving an offer from the Spartans, Murray didn’t hesitate to give a response.

“I called the State coaches and said I’m coming.”

Just by talking to Murray, you can tell how long he’s been waiting for this. To be a Spartan. To play as a Spartan.

“When I was a little kid and they asked, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I said I wanted to play for Michigan State. It was never NFL; it was never a doctor. I told people; I’m going to play for Michigan State.”

And he made sure of it. Most importantly, he believed.

“I’ve always believed in myself, because I’ve always worked harder than everyone. I’ve always done what I had to do; I never skipped a day. I worked, when other kids were at home playing Xbox. I went down to the park and ran the hill like I always do and did my weights.”

Sure, Murray isn’t a 5-star player, but that’s just a number.

“I feel like State actually looks at recruiting. They get a lot of hidden gems. Michigan State, they produce players.”

Michigan State and Mel Tucker are getting a player who not only believes, is versatile and gives his all, but a player who LOVES football.

“I wanna play.”

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