MSU Football Loss to Rutgers, and Hampton Fay as Possible QB

Mel Tucker and Michigan State had flaws in the first game of the season against Rutgers. Class of 21 QB, Hampton Fay, may bring hope to MSU.
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Starting off his first year as Michigan State’s head coach, Mel Tucker did not have a good show for the Spartans first game of the season against Rutgers, in a 38-27 loss.

The team created a handful of errors that led to disappointed Spartan fans.

Those errors being from the new head quarterback, Rocky Lombardi, and the rest of the team having seven turnovers.

Ball security is one of those factors where if you don’t have or can’t keep the ball, you’re simply not going to score touchdowns. Like a game of chess, if you’re not the one attacking, then you’re the one being attacked. It’s a lot harder to score points when you’re stuck playing defense.

The result of the Rutgers game is a huge takeaway in how Tucker and Michigan State can improve on winning tactics against their upcoming rival, Michigan. Also, how they can improve on minor details throughout the rest of the season.

While Lombardi is not the one to blame for Michigan State’s first loss of the season, there has been talk if the backup quarterbacks Theo Day (redshirt sophomore), and Payton Thorne (redshirt freshman) would be a better pick as a starter.

To put it this way, Lombardi being a redshirt junior, has played in 16 games and started three, prior to this season. Playing in a majority of the games of the past two seasons, Lombardi has more experience than Day and Thorne. I’m not saying Day and Thorne don’t have skill, but they aren’t quite ready. Day had two appearances on the field last year, and Thorne is expected to see some action his sophomore year.

With these younger quarterbacks building their way up, there is hope for Michigan State; class of 2021 commit, Hampton Fay.

Coming from Texas, Fay is used to the big football atmosphere and being under pressure, something that Michigan State needs. He has a strong arm and is great at scanning the field to find pockets toward the endzone, but he does need some touch up on his skills.

Being injured for part of his high school football career, Fay doesn’t have as many highlight tapes as other athletes. Putting quality over quantity, while he doesn’t have as many highlights, he does show his skill.

Playing at a collegiate level though is a lot different than high school, which is something Fay will have to adjust quickly too if he wants to have action on the field.

Looking forward to Michigan State’s matchup against Michigan, Tucker is not only going to need his winning mentality, but also, for the team to execute.

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