Spartan Dawg, Jarrett Horst Shows Resilience and Tells His ‘Why’

Jarrett Horst, transfer from Arkansas State, talks about his 'why' for football, and follows Mel Tucker's resilient mindset.
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“I think the biggest thing for me is my why, why I play football,” Jarrett Horst, MSU commit said.

His ‘why’ is a long story. A story of overcoming challenges; persevering through injuries and the loss of close relatives.

“It’s changed my perspective and my mindset. It’s been a whole thing of being able to construct my mind with positive self-talk at all times.”

Instead of going down in the dumps, Horst found a way to grow; to transform.

“I’ve really learned to listen to this guy, David Goggins, who joined the Navy Seals. He re-watched this Rocky clip. In the 14th round when he was fighting against Apollo, Apollo had knocked him down, but it was Rocky’s ability to stand back up, not even win the fight necessarily, but being able to stand back up again. David Goggins created the mindset that if I fall down, I just gotta stand back up. It’s really helped me and given me the opportunity to do the same.”

Horst is a fighter who is hungry for the game. You ask him his ‘why’, and he’ll inspire you to find your own.

“When I finally made the decision to enter the transfer portal, I was stepping out of my comfort zone. There’s still growth to be made.”

Transferring to Michigan State, this’ll be a fresh start for Horst. In his words, “it’s a reset button.”

“The decision came following my O-line coach’s departure of our school. I was a big relationship guy with my coaches, and they decided to leave, so I found it in my best interest to leave.”

Good thing for Horst, Coach Kapilovic and his O-line coach, Sean Coughlin, share a great relationship.

“It’s just going to be a great experience for me being able to play with someone similar to a coach I already had. They seem to care about you in a deeper level than football, and care about you as a person too.”

Come the 2021 season, Horst will show you his ‘why’ and how he’s resilient.

“I know what Coach Tucker wants them to become and I want to try and help what they’re trying to build there.”

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