The Husker O-line: 'Easy Beefies' Must Come of Age

Nebraska returns several veterans on the offensive line, but last year was a rough year for them.
Nebraska Cornhuskers running back Anthony Grant (23) and offensive lineman Teddy Prochazka (65) celebrate after a touchdown by Grant.
Nebraska Cornhuskers running back Anthony Grant (23) and offensive lineman Teddy Prochazka (65) celebrate after a touchdown by Grant. / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports
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Easy-Beefies: Huge offensive linemen who toil in the trenches

Despite having an experienced group of players this fall, Husker O-line coach Donovan Raiola, knows his guys must improve for the Huskers to have any chance for a winning season.

Injuries to the O-line didn't help things last year nor did the Inept play of the Husker offense.

Out of 133 D-1 football programs, here's how the Huskers stacked up last season:

1.) Total Offense #117

2.) Scoring Offense #123

3.) Rushing: #39

4.) Passing: #129

5.) Sacks Allowed: #87

6.) 3rd Down Conversions: #76

7.) Red Zone Conversions: #130

Let's look at this fall's possible pecking order.

Left Tackle

1.) Teddy Prochazka 6-9, 325 Jr. Elkhorn, NE

2.) Gunnar Gottula 6-5, 295 RSFR Lincoln, NE

Left Guard

1.) Justin Evans 6-1, 315 SO East Orange, NJ

2,) Mike Mazzccua 6-5, 325 SR Philadelphia, PA


1.) Ben Scott 6-5, 315 SR Transfer from Arizona State

Right Guard

1.) Turner Corcoran 6-6, 310 SR Lawrence, KS

2.) Henry Lutovsky 6-6, 325 JR Crawfordsville, IA

Right Tackle

1.) Bryce Benhart 6-9, 315 SR Lakeville, MN

2.) Tyler Knaak 6-6, 325 SO Cottonwood Height, UT

The possible starters consist of three seniors, one junior and one sophomore. Not bad.

The Waiting List

Here are some other Easy-Beefies who are waiting in line to play:

1.) David Hoffken 6-7, 255 FR (He just signed with NU in June as part of NU's Class of '24. He hails from Kiel, Germany.)

2.) Sam Sledge 6-3, 285 RSFR (He's a Husker legacy player.)

3.) Jacob Hood 6-8, 350 SO Nashville, TN

4.) Brock Knutson 6-7. 305 RSFR Scottsbluff, NE

5.) Landon Davidson 6-4, 310 FR Bloomfield, CO

6.) Dylan Parrott 6-5, 330 SO Eldridge, IA

7.) Grant Brix 6-6, 285 FR Logan, IA

True to his core beliefs, Matt Rhule has made it a point to build the Husker program from within. (See the above waiting list.) The question is, how long will it take for NU to field a winning football program? Will 2024 finally be a breakout year?

Aren't you glad you don't have to feed these guys?


I've said it before and I'll say it again: as the O-line goes so goes the Husker offense. Can the line stay healthy enough to get through the season?

Will the Husker O-line be able to get the Husker offense to the finish line this fall?

For now, there seems to be more questions than answers.

Dan McGlynn


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