Spielman and Hooley Podcast: D.J. Carton Takes Leave

Bruce Hooley

The latest edition of the Spielman and Hooley podcast includes analysis of the Cleveland Browns' general manager hire, Kareem Hunt's traffic stop, Ohio State's recruiting class getting upgraded in some spots and the possibility -- however remote -- that Jim Tressel could return to OSU as the school president.

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Could Jim Tressel return as Ohio State's president. We joked about it on Wednesday, but is it a serious consideration? Should it be?

Chris is all for it, and so is Bruce...because of the business he's in.

D.J. Carton takes a leave of absence from OSU for his well-being

Carton's absence comes just when it seemed he was capable of doing more

A quote from Oswald Chambers is worth remembering

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, with all the angst Spiels feels at this time of year

Spielman's pick is...

Hooley is rooting the other way, but expects the same result.

This battle of Patrick Mahomes vs. 49ers elite defensive front reminds us of other Super Bowl matchups.

Is Andy Reid a Hall of Famer already?

A shout-out to OSU wrestling and head coach Tom Ryan

Spiels tells the story of getting trucked by Kevin Mack, and how being "torched by the fires of hell" prompted him to action.

Did Spiels ever get fined in the NFL?

You can't hide in wrestling, but you can in other sports.

Eddie George says pay Derrick Henry. What do we think?

Is it ever wise to pay a running back?

How do the Cowboys and 49ers backfields stack up stat-wise and money-wise.

An emailer asks a great question about talent vs. character in the draft

Another emailer asks for guidance from Chris on battling the fear of losing his wife. Chris shares from his spiritual journal some very personal and powerful thoughts.

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