Spielman & Hooley: OSU Hoops Falls Flat for Lack of an Alpha

Bruce Hooley

The latest edition of the Spielman and Hooley podcast includes discussion about OSU's loss at Iowa, the NFL's proposed collective bargaining agreement, holes the Buckeyes must fill to contend for the College Football Playoff championship and what Spiels is dreaming about at night.

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The Buckeyes come out asleep against Iowa and suffer the consequences in a nine-point loss that seemed much worse.

Luka Garza wins the battle of the big men with Ohio State's Kaleb Wesson.

Iowa has support players it can count on and the Buckeyes do not.

D.J. Carton returns with the team from Iowa City.

Carton's return to Columbus doesn't mean he's returning to the team any time soon.;

NFL players have a new collective bargaining agreement to examine.

J.J. Watt is not a fan of the deal that would bring a 17th game and one more playoff team, plus some concessions on marijuana testing and training camp that players will like.

Greg Robinson is no longer a Cleveland Brown and he won't be after what he's accused of doing.

Alex Van Pelt, the Browns new offensive coordinator, was Spiels' NFL teammate.

The defensive scheme San Francisco played to reach the Super Bowl is likely headed for Cleveland.

Browns have the 10th pick and should take the best player available, not draft for need.

Spiels is waking up in the middle of the night thinking about things that happened during his football career.

The Buckeyes have lots of holes in the secondary.

Master Teague inherits the running back job, unless someone else steps forward

Justin Fields can run, too, and may have to do so in certain games.

Challenges arise that give us a chance to respond in a way that authenticates our faith or betrays our faith.

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