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'It Was Just Time': Miyan Williams Opens Up About NFL Draft Decision

NFL Draft prospect Miyan Williams says he gave everything he had to the Ohio State Buckeyes, but felt it was time to move on following four years with the team.

Miyan Williams gave everything he had to the Ohio State Buckeyes over the past four years.

The ex-Buckeyes running back was a part of numerous notable games in both the regular and post seasons, despite dealing with frequent injuries. During a session with the media at the 2024 NFL Combine, Williams told reporters he eventually decided he had nothing more to give in the collegiate game.

"I was just like finished with college," Williams said. "It was a great four years at Ohio State. So I just felt like it was just time."

Speaking of his injury history, Williams played most of last season through a knee ailment. Williams was able to play through the pain for six games, but was forced to have season-ending surgery following a 62-yard performance against Penn State.

"I literally played until I couldn't anymore," Williams said. "My knee just kept locking up and I just wasn't able to run. So I went to see the doc and he said, 'Maybe it's time to get that (surgery).'"

Now, Williams feels ready for the NFL, both physically and mentally. The Cincinnati, Ohio native said the way Ohio State runs its program is similar to a professional organization, meaning it won't take much adjustment to succeed at the next level.

"The structure of Ohio State, it's like a professional structure," Williams said. "So it gets you prepared for a lot of professional programs. The system is the most professional I've ever been a part of...Like in high school, you just run to run. In college, you run for specific reasons, then it shows up in the season, too."

"Everybody doesn't get the chance to be where I'm at right now," Williams said. "It's definitely a blessing, so I got to make the most of it, just take everything in."