Chris Spielman Selling B1G Title Ring to Benefit Others

Bruce Hooley

Chris Spielman long ago proved he was a walk-the-walk guy, not a talk-the-talk guy.

So it's not surprising the Fox NFL analyst and College Football Hall-of-Famer is auctioning some of his prized football memorabilia from a two-time All-American career at Ohio State and a four-time Pro Bowl career in the NFL to benefit those impacted by COVID-19.

After all, Spielman took the 1998 season off from the NFL to care for his then-wife Stefanie, upon her initial breast cancer diagnosis. Their fund-raising efforts for breast-cancer research have since exceeded $20 million and led to OSU establishing the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center in 2010, the year after she died.

Two weeks ago, Spielman began awarding $100 checks to four people impacted by COVID-19 job loss or other circumstances related to the virus.  He and I asked for nominations from listeners to our podcast in hopes of helping those in need and inspiring others to give to such causes at this time of uncertainty.

Friday, and going forward, there will be four winners each week of $250 apiece, drawn from nominations sent via email to

This week, Spielman began auctioning some of his football memorabilia to demonstrate the practice of sacrificial giving, which he has emphasized occasionally on the faith-related portion at the end of every "We Tackle Life" podcast.

He has pledged to give away "every cent" from the auction proceeds. 

"If I'm going to talk about the importance of sacrificial giving, then I have to sacrificially give," Spielman said. "Some of this stuff means a lot to me. It's not easy to sell it, but if it can buy groceries for a family for a week or a month, that's more important than it sitting on my mantle. It can serve a bigger purpose off the mantle."

Spielman began by auctioning a 1994 All-Madden Team jacket he earned as a Detroit Lion, and also offered an autographed, game-worn jersey from his time with the Buffalo Bills.

His 1984 Big Ten championship ring from Ohio State went up for auction Wednesday afternoon. It began at $900 and has since increased past $8,500 with the auction set to expire on April 4.

Again, nominations of those in need from COVID-19 job loss and other circumstances related to the virus can be emailed to

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