Game Day: Ohio State vs. Northwestern, LIVE BLOG


Enjoy the first quarter, because that's about as long as this one will be a game.

Wow, I can see the Buckeyes' socks. From all the chatter about Northwestern growing the grass long to slow OSU down, I thought maybe all I'd see were their football pants, knees and then...NOTHING!

The Wildcats, whose offense ranks 125th in the nation, are the last obstacle separating OSU from an Oct. 26 home game against fellow-unbeaten and No. 6 Wisconsin.

OSU has won every game in the series against Northwestern since 1972, except for a 2004 loss in overtime on the shores of Lake Michigan.

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All right, here we go...

Northwestern uniforms are cool. But, please, FS1...stop with the, "Purdue and Iowa wore black uniforms when they beat Ohio State."

Two chances for Willie the Wildcat to get off the field, and they're 0-for-2. First Justin Fields, now J.K. Dobbins. The OSU opening drive continues.

Aaaaaaand, it's that easy. Fields to Olave for the TD and it's 7-0.

So, right now, Northwestern's guys are standing over on the sideline thinking, "Ohio State already has enough points to win."

Welp, Wildcats managed a first down, so, small victory for them. Chase Young sack (over-under tonight on sacks for him is, ehhhhh, 3 1/2) helps force punt.

I'm going to keep that programming note in mind. Illinois-Wisconsin volleyball on FS2, in case (when) this one gets out of hand.

So, Northwestern didn't grow the grass. It greased the grass.

Charlie Kuhbander's field goal ends a surprisingly-competent Northwestern drive and it's now 7-3.

Of course, no one in Youngstown saw that.

Now, Ohio State needs to score or Jared Sullinger is going to have a very bad dining experience.

Fields is such a problem. Tough to sack, always a threat to run...finds guys when he escapes. It's really going to take a defense to hold him in check or a heck of an offense to outscore OSU.

That has to be crushing to up a conversion on third-and-15.

Clean shot at Fields...POOF....he gone!

Boy, that's easy, peezy, lemon-squeezy. Northwestern plays soft coverage and Olave gets another third-and-long conversion.

Fields looks like he's trusting the routes more now than initially. Quick throw to Olave on the third down and now this one to Dobbins squeezed in there. It goes for 6 and cashes a possession where Northwestern had OSU in third-and-long twice and couldn't get them off the field.

Seems Ryan Day is showing off for Jim Leonhard, Wisconsin's defensive coordinator, who's probably watching this one from Champaign, Ill.

The play to Olave for the first TD and that one to Dobbins for the second seem like previously-unseen wrinkles. Gives the Badgers something to think about over the next 7 days.

Well, that didn't take long.

Two Dobbins carries cover 73 yards, first for 68, then a TD from 5 away, and now it's 21-3.

Second quarter is the Death Star for OSU opponents. Landed the KO vs. Sparty then and now against Willie the Wildcat. Beware, Bucky the Badger.

,A note on Blake Haubeil's 55-yard field goal to end the ties for second-longest in OSU history.

Mike Nugent hit two from that distance, as did Dan Stultz and Gary Cairns.

Tom Skladany's 59-yarder at Illinois in 1975 is the longest ever at Ohio State.

All righty....we're back for the third quarter with Northwestern in possession.

Well, more for Wisconsin to think about.

This time, it's tempo.

OSU comes out in the semi-hurry up and goes right down the field for a TD. Austin Mack catches four passes on that drive, including Fields' fourth TD of the night, and it's 38-3.

Dobbins went over 100 yards for the night on that drive and is now in some elite company at OSU.

What do you think? One more series for the starters?

Remember, this Northwestern defense held Wisconsin to one offensive touchdown a few weeks ago in Madison.

Meanwhile, OSU scored 24 points in the second quarter tonight, all on offense.

That means Ohio State has scored at least three touchdowns in a single quarter in every game this year.

And, with Fields getting tackled at the end of that last series, that's the last we'll see of him or any OSU starter tonight.

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