Justin Fields Addresses #WeWantToPlay on Good Morning America

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields emphasizes players feel safer in facility and why they want to play this fall. Fields spoke with former NFL star on Good Morning America.
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Justin Fields is not letting up on his #WeWantToPlay petition.

Fields joined NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan on Good Morning America this morning to discuss the crisis in college football.

With several conferences across the country gearing up to play, Fields feels strongly that the Big Ten should be playing football this fall. More than anything else, players feel comfortable with the environment that's been created on campus.

“We want to play football. A lot of players feel more safe around the facility and around our protocols rather than just being on campus like a regular student,” Fields said.

Fields spoke about the consistency of testing and knows that's a huge part of their safety.

“They test us twice a week. Everyone wears masks,” he said. “A lot of players feel more safe around the facility rather than just out in the community without being tested twice a week.”

Of course, some college students are neglecting social distancing protocols and gathering in large groups on campus. Fields has a message for them:

“Think of other people rather than yourself. I think it is selfish just to think about yourself,” Fields explained. “I understand not doing that. I’d tell them, ‘think about other people. Although the virus may not affect you that seriously, it can affect others seriously.’”

Lastly, Fields told Strahan why he wants to play this fall rather than sit out to prepare for the NFL Draft.

“It is for the love of the game. My love for Ohio State. My love for my coach and my teammates,” he said. “Again, I feel like there is a lot of people on our team that feel safer in the facility, so having us playing football in the facility weekly, daily, I think that will keep us safer from the virus.”

However, Fields is undecided what he will do with the possibility of spring football.

“Right now, I am taking it day by day. I think one thing that I have learned through this whole process is things can change daily. I am taking each day at a time,” said Fields. “I haven’t really thought about that but hopefully, if I come up with a decision if that happens, I’ll pray about it really.”

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