Justin Fields: 'I Learned a Lot These Past Few Months'

Adam Prescott

Perhaps nobody in America wanted to play football more than Justin Fields did.

Sure, Fields is one of the most talented players in the country and he is the quarterback for one of the top teams in America. He won several awards last season and was a Heisman finalist. That's the individual trophy he'd most like to earn in 2020.

But Fields is also a leader by nature. That became even more clear over the last month as the Buckeye signal-caller stepped into the national limelight off the field by launching the #WeWantToPlay movement on social media. 

“I think it was part of the effect but it definitely wasn’t the only thing,” Fields said about his petition. “If it ended up not having any impact that I really don’t care now, because the only goal and objective was to get the season back… and we got that.”

While the medical advancements were the primary focus for the Big Ten's decision to return to the field, everyone that fought for the season to be reinstated played a role. It's something Fields is proud of and now he's ready to compete.

“I learned a lot these past few months with everything going on,” Fields said. “I have seen how much I can do as an individual and the impact that can be made. Seeing the changes we have made as a whole organization gives us more confidence to step into vocal roles now.”

There were so many moving parts and daily twists throughout the last month, with multiple voices joining the cause despite feelings of helplessness and uncertainty on some days.

“It was hard not being able to control what was going on,” Fields explained. “I couldn’t control my injury last year while playing hurt, so I came back another year to prove the type of player I can be for my team. Knowing that it was almost taken away really hurt, but we are over that now. I’m happy for everyone that fought for our season, so those other feelings are gone now.”

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Your leadership has made a difference! Looking forward to a great season! Thank you for staying. Go Buckeyes! 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈