If his first season away from coaching since 2010 has proven anything, it's that Urban Meyer doesn't have to be in the game to dominate the headlines.

If it's not speculation that Meyer will or won't be the next head coach at USC, or Florida State or Fill-in-the-Blank Tech, it's Meyer feeding the flames of becoming the next Dallas Cowboys' coach that are now a full-blown brush fire.

You can blame Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report for that, or you can blame Urban Meyer himself.

Because before Freeman's report this week that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will target Meyer came this from Meyer himself awhile back on The Herd, with Colin Cowherd:

Or, you can blame Jason Garrett for his questionable decision to kick a field goal late in the Cowboys' 13-9 loss Sunday in New England for his head being on the chopping block for the umpteenth time.

All of that led to Freeman writing that "there is increasing belief around the league that owner Jerry Jones is focusing on two primary candidates as replacements—former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels."

Meyer has never coached in the NFL, but he has three national championship rings from his career at Florida and Ohio State.

It's inarguable he knows what NFL talent looks like, and knows how to coach it, from his success at both those schools.

Ohio State is likely to place two players in the Top 10 of the NFL Draft this year in defensive end Chase Young and cornerback Jeffrey Okudah, with Young following in the footsteps of other Meyer Top 5 picks from OSU like Nick Bosa, Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott.

Ahhhh, yes, Zeke Elliott...the foundation of Meyer's 2014 national championship team and the player to whom Dallas committed long term after his contract holdout earlier this year.

Now the pieces are starting to come together, right?