Ryan Day: The Anxiety and Nerves are Starting to Kick In

Ryan Day is glad to be feeling some of the normal feelings associated with Ohio State football as they prepare for kickoff on Saturday against Nebraska.
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With Monday's practice in the books, the Buckeyes are essentially five days away from launching the 2020 season. Day made a quick appearance tonight on 97.1 The Fan on The Buckeye Roundtable Show. Here are a few of his comments.

  • When asked what he is most eager to find out about his team ... "Literally just got done talking to the guys, you don’t have an opportunity to play many games … you do all these other things to prepare and now there’s an urgency about actually playing a game … you look like a champ or a chump when you step into that stadium." 
  • He addressed ball security and practicing today in adverse conditions … "it's a beautiful night! We're playing in December boys we better get used to it," Day said laughing. "Today was a really good day."
  • There are so many things that won’t be going on this weekend because of CoVID ... "It’ll be different, we talk about it all the time … we have to bring our own energy … these things aren’t going to happen, but we have a season and we have to adapt better than our opponents. We’ll certainly miss those traditions, but we know Buckeye Nation is with us."
  • Addressing the way his staff has handled all of this … "First off, I think we have the best staff in America. They are loyal, hard-working, great family men and I couldn’t be prouder of them. They show compassion and concern, strength, great leadership. They never flinched. The trust between players and coaches has never been more evident than it is right now … I am forever grateful for the way they’ve handled this … hopefully we have something special growing here."
  • How good does it feel to be in game week? "It feels good nerves and anxiety kicking in, tensions raising, but that’s the best part of college football."

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