Spielman & Hooley: Axe falls on ex-coaches, Riep, Wint

Bruce Hooley

The latest edition of the Spielman and Hooley podcast includes discussion about Mel Tucker's firing of some ex-OSU assistants who've been at Michigan State with Mark Dantonio, Amir Riep's and Jahsen Wint's dismissal from the Ohio State football team and whether it's irrevocable, the radio silence on Baker Mayfield's rumored exploits, Myles Garrett doing something really dumb in the wake of his reinstatement, OSU hoops winning close after winning big against Rutgers and a priest who gave Chris some enlightening advice.

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Mel Tucker drops the axe on some familiar names to Ohio State fans as he remakes his coaching staff.

Michigan State and OSU are in the same conference, but not in the same league

You'll be shocked by what Spartan assistant coaches made compared to Ohio State assists.

This is not the ideal time to be looking for a job as an assistant football coach.

Jahsen Wint and Amir Riep are dismissed from the Ohio State football team.

Ryan Day acts decisively, but does that mean his decision is permanent? What are the circumstances that could open a door for the players' return to the roster.

The expectations for seniors go beyond the expectations of younger players.

This case leaves to wiggle room for tolerance if the charges are substantiated.

Cleveland radio is not talking about Baker Mayfield's off-field decisions detailed earlier this week.

There is an argument, and we think it's a good one, for why the topic is fair to pursue.

The Houston Astros and Cleveland Browns demonstrate again how inept professional teams (and colleges) are when it comes to crisis management.

Myles Garrett gets reinstated and then does something really unwise given what he should be focused on.

There is no defense for this from the Browns perspective.

Facemasks are bolted on, which leads to a true story that tops any when it comes to feats of strength,

OSU hoops gets a win over Rutgers that Chris Holtmann won't question.

The Buckeyes play Purdue on Saturday.

Getting to hang out with cool people is just a foreshadowing of what can be ahead of you.

Spiels gets enlightened by a priest's sage observation.

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