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Reactions and Parent Comments from Big Ten Protest Outside Ohio Stadium

More than 100 people showed up on Ohio State's campus to hear multiple Buckeye parents speak.

Approximately 25-30 Buckeye football parents gathered outside of the rotunda at Ohio Stadium Saturday morning, leading a protest addressing the Big Ten’s recent handling of its decision to delay the fall season.

A crowd of more than 100 fans and media members gathered at the Horseshoe, listening to speeches from multiple parents that encompassed a variety of themes. Randy Wade, father of standout cornerback Shaun Wade, even polled the crowd at one point to see which fans has traveled the furthest…

That answer? A group of Buckeye faithful up from the state of Texas.

Additional reactions, photos and interviews from the rally will be posted here on BuckeyesNow moving forward this afternoon. For now, see below for some notable comments from Ohio State parents that took the microphone.

“I bought plane tickets to come here. “This past week was a hard one at my job. I got put on leave because of a situation that has nothing to do with this. I could have easily said ‘Shaun is going first round, I don’t have to be here. But it’s important to come and support the Buckeyes.” – Randy Wade, father of cornerback Shaun Wade

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“I started this speech about my mother, who is 77 years old. Time is more important than money, and I don’t know how much time my mother has. To the Buckeye fans, families out there who love football, and others who bond over this... The reason why I wanted to join Buckeye nation is because of this right here! All I’m asking is (for the Big Ten) to help me understand.” – Gee Scott Sr., father of wide receiver Gee Scott Jr.

“Football is a vehicle for student-athlete to build character. There is no clear reason why we got told no, so now I’m looking for some kind of yes. We can’t just sit back and swallow how the Big Ten handled this decision.” – Dr. Corey Teague, father of running back Master Teague III

“My son made a commitment to play in the Big Ten, but where is the commitment back from the conference?” – Monica Johnson, mother of offensive lineman Paris Johnson Jr.

Amanda Peterson Babb, stepmother of wide receiver Kamryn Babb and president of the Football Parents at Ohio State, also addressed the crowd and reiterated the common/recurring theme of “we just want transparency.”

Fans hold signs at Big Ten protest

Check back in throughout the day for full content and developments from this ongoing fight to save the Big Ten, and Ohio State, football season.

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