Ohio State picked up a commitment yesterday, one that they had felt good on, of recent.

Ohio State, started integrating the “bullet” position into the system last season, with the emergence of Brendan White. White will again take that role this year, and potentially next. 

The bullet position is a bit interesting, a saftey-linebacker hybrid, to put it in a simplistic way. A player that can play out to the line of scrimmage, but also make open field tackles, play in space, sometimes even deep. 

It takes a versatile prospect to fill this role, and that’s what Kourt Williams is. A top 15 rated linebacker in the country, who was recruited as a safety by many. 

Brendan White is the only known bullet-like player on the team, so Williams could see playing time rather quickly. Either after the graduation, or NFL departure of White, or something out of the blue happens. 

It’s definitely safe to say, the Buckeyes got exactly what they needed. 

Some pretty solid highlights, that show the capability of Williams. Comment what you think about them!