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One Last Time, Oklahoma Coach Porter Moser Addresses DePaul Rumors

The Sooners coach was the subject of multiple reports Monday and shot it all down on Twitter, but Tuesday got more questions about his resolve and focus on OU.

On a Zoom call with Oklahoma media on Tuesday ahead of the Big 12 Tournament, Sooners coach Porter Moser got a handful of questions about his response Monday night to rumors that he was interested and/or “in talks” with DePaul about the Blue Demons’ opening.

He politely addressed the questions — for one final time.

“Two or three weeks ago (got) a question, I answered it then, and I answered it last night in a statement (on Twitter),” Moser said. “And so I just want to put it to bed again and focus all my thoughts on our team and beating TCU and playing this (game) and advance in the Big 12 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. So that's — I've addressed it twice now.”

After numerous unsubstantiated reports — most citing unnamed sources — surfaced throughout the day on Monday, Moser was at the team dinner last night when he felt compelled to craft a post “emphatically” declaring “THERE IS ZERO TRUTH.” He added “I LOVE Oklahoma and Sooner Nation.”

“These accounts make stuff up and there is no validity to any of these “sources” (because) I have spoken to NO ONE about any job!!”

He said the reports had “not at all” become a distraction for the team and the players, but he did feel compelled to publicly clear the air for a very specific reason.

“Yeah, it was very simple: it’s all false. It's all fake,” he said Tuesday. “And they know me. They know, absolutely, I'm locked into here. So it got to the point where it was so much on social media, and I addressed it — it’s the second time I've addressed it now. So I'm not going to address it anymore. I told them that and they just, you know, we're all full steam ahead on trying to compete and prepare for TCU.”

Asked a follow-up question about any frustration about the timing of it all, Moser interrupted the question.

“I’m not going to answer any more. Let's talk about TCU. I've literally addressed it twice. And I've been asking questions here. And, you know, I don't know how many more times I got to address it.”