Cowboys Jump into Top 25 for First Time This Season

Zach Lancaster

STILLWATER -- The Oklahoma State basketball team is off to a hot start to the 2019-20 season and after a 7-0 start, jump into the top 25 rankings for the first time in a few seasons.

The Pokes check in at No. 25 in CBS Sports' Top 25 and One Poll.

  1. Louisville (7-0)
  2. Kansas (6-1)
  3. Maryland (7-0)
  4. Virginia (7-0)
  5. Michigan (7-0)
  6. Ohio State (7-0)
  7. North Carolina (6-1)
  8. Gonzaga (8-1)
  9. Dayton (5-1)
  10. Kentucky (6-1)
  11. Duke (7-1)
  12. Michigan State (5-2)
  13. Oregon (6-2)
  14. Seton Hall (6-2)
  15. Memphis (6-1)
  16. Auburn (7-0)
  17. Arizona (8-0)
  18. Florida State (6-1)
  19. Tennessee (5-1)
  20. Washington (5-1)
  21. Baylor (5-1)
  22. Villanova (4-2)
  23. Colorado (5-0)
  24. Butler (7-0)
  25. Oklahoma State (7-0)
  26. West Virginia (6-0)

The updated AP Poll comes out Monday.

Oklahoma State is off to their best start since the 2014-15 season when they also started 7-0 before dropping their first game to none other than South Carolina.

This season, three of the Cowboys wins come against teams that are ranked in the top-100 of the KenPom rankings.

The Cowboys had one of their best performances of the past few years in Friday night's 78-37 win over Ole Miss in the NIT Season Tip-Off in Brooklyn, NY.

It featured a stellar performance by sophomore big man Yor Anei who finished with 14 points on 5-of-6 shooting from the field and 4-of-4 from the free throw line. He also hauled in nine rebounds and posted four blocks.

Next on the list for the Cowboys is a Patrick Ewing led Georgetown team in Stillwater on Wed, Dec. 4. The Hoyas are 4-2 on the season and are coming off an 81-73 loss to Duke in the 2K Empire Classic. Their other loss came from Penn State in their third game of the season, but one of their wins came against Texas, 82-66 in the 2K Empire Classic.

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Comments (4)
No. 1-3

it's interesting to me, that OSU was picked 6th in the conference preseason, but now stands as one of only 3 conference teams ranked in the top 25.

Coach Boynton is doing a fantastic job of melding his starters and the freshmen together.

Zach Lancaster
Zach Lancaster


I think Mike Boynton is absolutely a home run hire. I can't blame the people for picking OSU sixth, simply based on the year before and them not having any depth. But Boynton has proven he's a GREAT recruiter, and has so far been able to put it all together on the floor. I'm really excited about this season.


Would love to see us keep this coach. I hope he sees promise and enjoyment in raising his kids living in Stillwater and coaching OSU for the long term. No reason this can't be a Kansas type job and national power.