Trey Reeves Has Played Only Five Minutes this Year, but His Value to the Team Is ‘Unquantifiable’

Marshall Levenson

Trey Reeves has played a total of five minutes on the court this year but he might be the most valuable member of the Oklahoma State basketball team.

With Trey graduating on Saturday, Head Coach Mike Boynton spoke about what the 6’4 forward meant to not only to the team but himself personally.

“I don’t know if I could ever really quantify how much he means to me personally. He’s a guy that does what he’s supposed to, shows up on time, treats people right and if you do that, success ultimately finds you.”

Boynton gave an interesting comparison of himself to Trey Reeves.

“In a lot of ways I’m Trey Reeves... here, I’m the walk on right. Like, I’m the guy that isn’t supposed to be able to have success here.”

His comparison comes in reference to the cryptics of Mike Boynton when Oklahoma State hired him three years ago. No one on the outside believed he could be as good as he has become. It was said that he wasn’t proven, that he was too young, and that he wasn’t capable of saving the program. Well three years later, Boynton has proven all the doubters wrong.

The same can be said of Trey Reeves. When your father is “Big Country”, one of the most famed Oklahoma State players ever, and your basketball skill is not nearly the same, the doubters will surface.

Even Boynton himself admitted that he was not exactly hyped about Trey upon seeing him for the first time.

“When I heard we had Big Country’s son coming, I figured he had to be about 6’8 and I was excited. Then they told me that’s who [Trey] it was and I wasn’t very excited anymore.” Boynton said as he let out a laugh.

With Trey being a walk-on, no one ever thought he would amount to anything in the Oklahoma State program. Well, it has not been on the court where Trey has found his most success but instead on the bench and in the classroom.

Boynton went all the way to say that “he is the best teammate I have ever seen, ever, anywhere and it’s obviously not because of his basketball talent. He cares about this University and he cares about this program as much as anyone I’ve been around.”

In the classroom you will not find a better student, not only on the basketball team or in athletics but in all of Oklahoma State University.

Trey will graduate with a 4.0 and will receive a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Earlier this year Trey was recognized as the recipient of the 2019 Dr. Gerald Lage Academic Achievement Award, the Big 12 Conference's highest academic honor.

Boynton told us that he actually owed Trey “about 8 steaks because Trey has had a 4.0 for just about an eternity, I don’t know if the kid has ever gotten a ‘B’, so he gets to get a steak when we go out to eat as a team.”

Mike Boynton is not the only one to be appreciative of Trey Reeves and the role he serves.

“He is the backbone of our team” said Lindy Waters. He’s the guy that doesn’t let anything slip, comes everyday and works just as hard as the day before, and doesn’t complain or cry or moan about anything. He tries to help the younger guys and he tries to help the older guys. He knows his role and he plays it extremely well.”

If you are around campus or have been to a game, Trey Reeves might have the most popularity of any player on the team, and this is a guy that has two points in his career.

“He’s a great guy, he helps literally everybody, not just our team but people around campus too, I think he might even tutor people.” Waters said. “He just does everything and I think people really appreciate him for that.”

When asked about Trey and what he means to him and the team, true freshman, Avery Anderson said “we have our team and without Trey, our team would not be what we are because he’s just that energy guy and if somebody messes up, he shows them what to do and what spots to be in, because he knows everything and it’s very helpful, he’s a really good tool to have on the team.”

You can ask anyone and they will tell you Trey is a leader of this basketball team and there is a phrase that leaders lead by example. Well, Trey is setting a perfect example for the younger players and he doesn’t even have to say a word.

It’s unbelievable just seeing how well he takes care of his academics and knowing I can do the same thing if I put my mind to it like Trey has. It’s amazing for Trey, I’m really proud of him.” Anderson said.

Trey Reeves is currently planning on finishing this season and then moving on the law school. Oklahoma State does not have a law school so he will have to go elsewhere for his education but Boynton says “he will always be able to come back here and feel like this is home.”

Boynton added that he’s not sure where Trey’s life or career will take him but that he is confident he will be a successful professional because of something I believe everyone can agree on… “Trey Reeves has the heart of a lion and is a champion of life.”