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Cowboys and Tech On for Saturday and What Cyclones Win Over Texas Means

Despite Social Media reports the Cowboys and Texas Tech are on and the path to Arlington is clearer for the Pokes

STILLWATER -- Despite some social media reports out there, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech tested on Friday and both team have met Big 12 protocols, so the game is scheduled at 11 a.m. tomorrow. It has already been reported that back-up quarterback and freshman Shane Illingworth has tested positive for COVID-19 and is out, but several social media reports claimed there were others. They aren't wrong. There are three other players out after testing positive, but none were on the current two-deep depth chart. There were also reports about Texas Tech, but we have no information on the Red Raiders having missing players for COVID-19. 

The 23-20 win by No. 15 Iowa State on Friday over No. 20 Texas does make things more simple at the top for the Big 12 and which two teams will be in Arlington for the Big 12Championship Game. Iowa State, which has not won a conference football championship since 1912 and never in the Big 12 or the old Big Eight, now has a 99 percent chance of being in the 2020 Big 12 Championship Game. 

I'm not sure how they could miss out to be honest. The Cyclones still have West Virginia in Ames next week. If they were to lose that  then there could be a three-way tie with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State That would result in a 1-1 record in round-robin between that trio of schools. The next step is to go to the next highest team, which be West Virginia and Iowa State would be eliminated there as the only loser to the Mountaineers. 

For Oklahoma State the simple way to get in now, as Texas falls behind the Cowboys, is to win out and Oklahoma lose to either Baylor (Dec. 5) or West Virginia (Dec. 12). Then Oklahoma State, as a clear second, would play Iowa State in the Big 12 Championship.

Current Big 12 Standings (as of Nov. 27)

School        Overall   Big 12

Iowa State  7-2         6-2

Oklahoma  6-2         5-2

Okla.State   5-2         4-2

Texas           5-3         4-3

W.Virginia    5-3         4-3

Kansas St.    4-4         4-3