How Close is the Oklahoma State Offense to Being High-Powered Again?


STILLWATER – There’s no question 2020 has been a crazy year and that that has translated over to Oklahoma State football. It seems that having to miss a majority of spring football and having an upside-down summer has caused the offensive and defensive units to flip roles.

The offenses under Mike Gundy the majority of the past 10 years have been high-powered and the reason the Cowboys have won a majority of the games during that stretch and the defenses have done just enough, or close to it. Now, it’s the defense that’s high-powered and winning ball games and the offense has done just enough.

The media got to speak with Dillon Stoner and Spencer Sanders on Tuesday and Sanders was asked if he and the offense feels any pressure to get back to the offensive prowess of old.

“No not really, I just feel if we just keep doing what we’re doing and getting better every week, we can just keep competing,” quarterback Spencer Sanders said. “We compete against the [OSU] defense every day, so you just take it as you get better every day. You don’t look at it as a pressure because the second you start doing that, you start getting nervous and making simple mistakes. So, I think we just look at it as we’ve got a good defense, let’s go out there and give it our all and let’s hold ourselves accountable.”

There’s no question there’s talent on the offensive side of the ball with Chuba Hubbard, Tylan Wallace, Spencer Sanders, the plethora of receivers and the back-up running backs, as well as the young offensive line.

The offensive unit has gotten better with each passing game this season and Saturday’s game against Iowa State was Spencer Sanders’ first full game in 51 weeks. He suffered a thumb injury against Kansas last season and a high ankle sprain in the season opener against Tulsa in September.

Sanders was rusty against the Cyclones, but he was knocking it off left and right as the game progressed. If he continues to progress throughout this week and clean up his mistakes, the game against Texas on Halloween should be a fun one.

“I feel like you can always get better, so you’re never close to where you want to be,” said Sanders. “It’s more about ‘are we executing, are we doing things right.’ I would say more of on executing and levels and stuff like that, I think we’re executing great, the tempo of our offense is moving great. I think we’re back up to the tempo that we need to be moving at. I just love how we’re moving fast and I just love how we’re playing right now. I feel like we’re playing good and as soon as I pick up my mistakes, we could be moving excellent.”

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Kansas cowboy
Kansas cowboy

It's still depends on sanders. But until we r scoring 40 again, the team needs to keep do the small stuff.

Kansas cowboy
Kansas cowboy

A main reason for lower points is field goals. Matt and now have way to many under 30 yes. Sanders got to pick up red zone touchdown.


It could be high powered if the coaches call better plays. The only thing they're doing w/ Tylan is go route, jump balls and back-shoulder fades. Have we hit him w/ a slant this season? Or out, out and up (jet), hook, curl? For Chuba and LD, squeeze all the o-linemen and run base play! Very few misdirection, not enough pulling guard plays, for Spencer very few zone-reads. What gives, Gundy is telling Dunn to keep it VERY vanilla???