Oklahoma State Releases Full Look At 1987 Throwbacks Dedicated To Thurman Thomas

Marshall Levenson

As we all know, Oklahoma State will be inducting Thurman Thomas into the newly created 'Ring of Honor' on Saturday against West Virginia. 

To go along with the ceremony, the Cowboys will be wearing replica uniforms of the 1987 Sun Bowl, Thomas' last game as a Cowboy and a game in which Thomas was named the MVP. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Oklahoma State released a video on Twitter of a full look at the modernized uniform including any and all details while paying homage to 1987. 

Each year, Oklahoma State always has at least one game with special uniforms and in my opinion this has to be one of the coolest. An all white uniform with the traditional logo on the helmet... please give me more. 

It is rare for home teams to wear white uniforms so in correspondence, West Virginia will be wearing their dark blue uniforms as they travel to Stillwater. 

With a 2:30 kickoff, we will get to see the all whites shining in the bright sun... a sight I can not wait to see. I am not sure if Oklahoma State will be releasing replica jerseys for sale like they do with some of the special jerseys they wear but if they do, I will certainly be purchasing one. 

This is also certainly a circumstance of "look good, feel good, play good". No matter what happened with the Cowboys last week, that is behind the team now and I can guarantee wearing these uniforms and the meaning behind it will give the team some extra confidence and swagger running onto the field on Saturday!

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