Social Media Reactions & Feelings Ahead of West Virginia

Marshall Levenson

When I am looking for the most credible, accurate, and hard hitting opinions on any given topic, I go to the only place any logical person would go to... Twitter. 

I sincerely hope some of you could pick up on my sarcasm in that but seriously I do go check what people are saying on Twitter, but most of the time I just end up laughing at it. 

In this specific case, I have looked through Twitter and even asked some questions to get the overall feeling and opinions of fans heading into Saturdays game against West Virginia. 

So far, even with several injuries on the offensive side of the ball, Oklahoma State fans feel confident that Kasey Dunn and his offense will get something clicking on Saturday. 

For the most part I am seeing fan predictions of the Cowboys mostly scoring anywhere between 28 and 34 points with some predictions of 40+. 

I have honestly been surprised that lots of Cowboys fans have also been predicting the OSU defense allowing upwards of 17-28 points. I honestly expect the highest the Mountaineers score is around 13-14 points. I realize WVU is not Tulsa and this is a conference game, but this OSU defense is legit. 

Obviously the quarterback situation is an important one in this game in whether a rehabbing Spencer Sanders or freshman phenom Shane Illingworth will be handed the keys on Saturday.

I went to Twitter to ask fans for an 'Offensive Player of the Game' prediction and I have gotten a good share of both quarterbacks. In my opinion this is extremely good as the fan base is supportive of both players and is only picking the one they think will play but is saying the quarterback situation will be positive either way. 

I also have received votes for Chuba Hubbard, LD Brown, Dillon Stoner, Braydon Johnson, and a large amount of Tylan Wallace votes. 

In my opinion I think Tylan Wallace will be the player of the game, no matter which quarterback is on the field. If it happens to be Shane, we have seen that connection is already there and they will try to get Tylan involved early to get Shane in a groove. If it happens to be Spencer, I can't see them making him run much on a weaker ankle, meaning he will be letting the ball fly more, most likely to Tylan Wallace.

On the defensive side of the ball, there were three consistent votes by fans: Defensive end Trace Ford, linebacker Amen Ogbongbemiga, and safety Tre Sterling. There were also a handful of Kolby Harvell-Peel and Malcolm Rodriguez replies.

There have obviously been some on Twitter voicing their opinion that the offensive depth for OSU is worrisome with some offensive lineman also being hurt last week. This is a valid concern but I have a feeling any kinks from last week will be worked out. 

If I were to give my own answers on my questions, I would predict the Cowboys win 36-13, Tylan Wallace is the offensive player of the game with Kolby Harvell-Peel and Malcolm Rodriguez splitting defensive player of the game honors.

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I said last week that we could make mistakes and have problems and still beat Tulsa in a close game... I don't think that is true this week. OSU must clean up the play, have much better play calling (regardless of perceived circumstances), and no, or few, big mistakes.

We think the OLine that finished the game, will start this game, and that seems to be a solid solution. We don't know about QB, but IMO, if Sanders is not 95% or better, then we should get the freshman in to start and get him in a groove.

I think this will be a close game, likely in the 27-24 range, with the victor making the fewest mistakes and penalties.

DPOTG - I'll go with the Missouri transfer, the kid was looking good and I think he has a breakout game in Orange

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Marshall Levenson
Marshall Levenson


Im in the same boat as you, I agree the mistakes will need to be kept to a minimum, although I will give the offense some leeway here given so many unfortunate turns during the game. Also agree the ball should be given to Shane if Spencer is not absolutely ready for action!


happy to have another "rower" in the boat!