Rattay Talks Move to Oklahoma State with In-House Interview

Robert Allen

STILLWATER -- New Oklahoma State quarterbacks coach Tim Rattay will have vital role in making sure the Cowboys upcoming season with the return of the nation's leading rusher Chuba Hubbard and ultra talented All-American wide receiver Tylan Wallace is as successful as anticipated. A huge part of that will be the advancement of red-shirt sophomore quarterback Spencer Sanders and the entire quarterback position. 

Rattay has yet to be made available for interviews with the media, but as is often the case in this new day and age, Oklahoma State and their television production arm of Orange Power Studios did an in-house interview with Rattay.

"Really, just excited about the opportunity, following the Oklahoma State program from afar and the success that they've had and the reputation that they have," Rattay told interviewer Jessica Morrey. "Obviously, Coach Gundy has been here for awhile and the reputation he has from talking to other coaches that have coaches with him have nothing but good things to say about Coach Gundy and the culture he has created here. Just a great opportunity and really excited that Coach Gundy gave me the opportunity to be here."

Rattay, as Gundy had said in the release when Rattay was hired, said there was no connection previously with Gundy or anybody on the Oklahoma State staff. He said Gundy called and they talked and then he went through the interview process and was hired. 

Rattay was a record-setting quarterback in college at Louisiana Tech, played in the NFL, mostly for the San Francisco 49ers, but also with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Arizona Cardinals before finishing in the United Football League with the Las Vegas Locomotives. He started his coaching career there with the Locomotives and then also coached at his alma mater, Louisiana Tech, and then last season with the Washington Redskins of the NFL. 

Morrey asked if he picked up anything in Washington that he was anxious to use in coaching quarterbacks at Oklahoma State.

"Every year you coach, you are around different coaches and different players," Rattay said, not really answering the question. "You learn things from those coaches and the experiences of having to coach different players. You learn from those every year. Guys are different, personalities are different, things they need to work on are different, so I think every year I've gotten better." 

Rattay said he is anxious to get to work with Spencer Sanders.

"I haven't spent a lot of time with him," Rattay said of Sanders, but also quickly mentioned the position overall. "I'm excited about the quarterback room. I'm starting to dive into his film from last year. He is a dynamic player, obviously, makes a lot of plays with his legs and can throw it wherever he needs to on the field. He is a dynamic player and I am just excited to get to working with him fundamentally and work with all the guys in the room. He made a lot of plays for the Cowboys last year, so I'm excited about moving forward."

Asked what type of quarterbacks he prefers to coach, Rattay had an excellent answer.

"I really like good ones, really good ones that make me look good," he said smartly. 

The hope is that before spring football gets underway in March, the media, as a whole, will get a chance to talk to Rattay.

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High Def  Poke
High Def Poke

Robert, Do you think Mike will have a media gathering to introduce Tim Rattay and also Kasey Dunn as the new Offensive Coordinator even though he is a ten year veteran of the OSU staff? If I recall he did something like this in 2010 and 2011 when Dana Holgerson and then Todd Monken joined the OSU coaching staff.


Rattay has his work to do. He will need to help teach SS how to read better and quickly