Blaine and Bryson Green Talk Recruiting Process and Relationship with Coaches

Pokes Report caught up with Oklahoma State's two most recent four-star commitments in football to talk the recruiting process and their decision.
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STILLWATER -- We caught up with the latest twin brothers to commit to Oklahoma State football just about 45 minutes before they had boxing training. That's right the two four-star wide receivers for Texas high school powerhouse Allen, Blaine and Bryson Green, train a variety of ways and one of them is boxing. 

"It has really helped with our hands and the quickness. It helps getting the defensive backs hands off of us," Blaine Green said of the boxing training.

As we profiled on Wednesday when the Greens led off a four commitment day for Oklahoma State football, these two are so close in so many ways. About half of an inch and maybe three-pounds separate the two by size. Their speed and athletic attributes are almost identical. Then when you see them on the field, they are both excellent route runners, both have very good hands, both are thirsty to make blocks. Other than the jersey number it is hard to tell Blaine and Bryson apart. Even their statistics aren't separated by much. Blaine’s career stats are 67 receptions for 1,164-yards and 12 touchdowns, while Bryson’s numbers  are 65 catches for 966-yards and 11 touchdowns. Okay, two receptions, 198-yards, and one score. Close.

There was never a doubt about the pair going to college together and the work in figuring out where that would be started early.

"We started very early with the recruiting process going to camps and then we got our first (scholarship) offers between our freshman and sophomore years," explained Blaine Green. "The recruiting process is all about building relationships with the coaches and being sure you are comfortable in that situation. Oklahoma State was like that for us and we had been up there multiple times. We'd been to games, multiple junior days, camps and when it came down to the pandemic we felt we had found a home in Oklahoma State. We were talking with the coaches, face time, Zoom. I know one night Coach Dunn and his wife called just to check up on us, so we appreciated that."

Bryson did say that he and Blaine had some really good coaches to connect with like Kasey Dunn at Oklahoma State, Clay Patterson at Minnesota, where they older brother plays football, and more.

"Yeah we did, it was a hard choice," Bryson Green agreed. "When it came down to it Coach Dunn, Coach Gundy, and the entire staff made it feel like a place where we could play and have success at the next level."

It might surprise Oklahoma State fans to know that while Kasey Dunn and the Oklahoma State staff will direct the Green's development in college, one of the major reasons they are so good now is a former Oklahoma Sooner receiver. 

"Travis Wilson, he went to Oklahoma and was there when AD (Adrian Peterson) was there," Bryson answered. "He played in two national championships and didn't win one and we mess with him about it. He is a great dude and coach. He is currently a high school coach at Denton High School, but we started working with him in the eighth grade and it sparked something. I credit what we've been able to do and how we've improved to the work he has put in with us."

It's interesting because Blaine said he is thinking about majoring in Engineering, but leaning to Animal Science and Bryson said he is definitely going Engineering. The two are taking English and History this summer so they can graduate early and enroll at Oklahoma State next spring. They would be there for spring football. They help each other in class, but they also help each other on the field and with football. The twins may look so close on the field, because they are so close.

"It is (helpful), not just in a game, but also in watching film," Blaine added. "It can show you the blind spots. Like if I see something and he doesn't then I can call it out for him. We start each game seeing who can get the first pancake block. That is just a little game that we do. The we watch film together and we check out the corners. (In the game) we can tell if the safety shades or if a linebacker is playing over the slot and bumping. We can come back to the huddle and tell each other which one has the the consistency and what they are doing."

It is a team game for the Greens and while they are competitive with each other they are also all about making each other the best they can be. They will fit well with the Cowboy culture.