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Bixby Star Braylin Presley Deserves An Oklahoma State Offer; No Longer A Secret As He Shines On National Television

Bixby star junior running back Braylin Presley carries on with his explosive junior season and career as he unloads on Booker T. Washington on national television; fully deserves Oklahoma State offer

Well.. it happened again.

Braylin Presley showed why he is the best player in the state of Oklahoma regardless of class, position, and most importantly.. size. 

The 2022 Bixby star running back got to show off his skills on national television as he dismantled Oklahoma powerhouse program Booker T. Washington on ESPN.

And he did it quickly.

At halftime, he had 392 yards and 4 total touchdowns. Yes. At halftime. 

He then came out right after the midway break and ran in his 5th touchdown of the game with 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. 

He finished the night with 419 total yards and 5 TD's and the final score of the game was 70-21.

Braylin Presley and the Bixby Spartans are on their way to becoming a 3-peat state champion, which would also move them to winners of the six of the last seven Oklahoma 6A-2 state championships. And yes Braylin is still only a junior. They have not lost a game since 2017 when they lost to tonight's opponent, Booker T. in the state championship. Most of their success has come off of the backs of Braylin and his brother Brennan, who as you all know, is currently a freshman at Oklahoma State after winning the 2019 Oklahoma Gatorade Player of the Year and state championship MVP. 

What is interesting to see is that even with all of the production that Braylin has put up and will continue to put up, Oklahoma State has not offered him a scholarship. I guess a positive though would be that nearly no one has. I'm not sure whether to think it's good other schools haven't offered him or bad, meaning schools are still hesitant, even after what they've seen. Kansas is the only power 5 school to offer Braylin with Memphis and New Mexico being the only two other division ones. 

Among the Oklahoma State fanbase, this is large talking point. It is asked why they have not offered and "what gives?".

The biggest gripe/worry that recruiters bring up when evaluating Braylin is his size. Listed at 5'8 and 165 pounds, that size is not your typical division 1 prospect. But the thing is, Braylin is not your typical high school player. 

Through 8 games in 2020, Braylin now has 1,129 yards and 18 TD's on the ground along with 584 yards and 8 TD's receiving. 

In his career of 34 games, he now has 3,258 rushing yards with 48 TD's. On the receiving end, he has 876 yards and 14 TD's. Once you add in his special teams yardage, he is now nearing 5,000 career total yards. In THREE seasons.  

I find myself asking, "what more does Braylin need to do to earn an offer?". Well, the truth is.. Braylin Presley has earned an Oklahoma State offer. He deserves it. Now, he just waits for it. 

He has put up numbers that even some of Oklahoma's all time best were not competing with. Whether it's him taking a handoff, catching a pass, or returning a kick, he is truly a player that can take any play across the pylons. He was named a MaxPreps Sophomore All American last year and is looking to be a MaxPreps All American once again and will most likely win the 2020 Oklahoma Gatorade Player of the Year. 

So, why would Oklahoma State not offer yet? Well, good question, because in my opinion, he is a can't lose prospect. You cannot let him leave the state and be forced to watch him become a star when you decided to let him leave your backyard. This becomes even more prevalent when you think that most of his looks will come from Big 12 country.

In recent recruiting classes, Oklahoma State has recruited the state of Oklahoma at a high level with the current 2021 class possibly the best. 

Some recent players that the Cowboys have found in Oklahoma to come in and make huge impacts have been:

Dillon Stoner

Calvin Bundage

Justice Hill

Malcolm Rodriguez

Trace Ford

Some of the recent younger promising names that Oklahoma State has reeled in from Oklahoma are: 

Brennan Presley

Dominic Richardson

Eli Russ

Aden Kelley 

Collin Oliver

Oklahoma State always finds a way to recognize and evaluate the top talent in the state regardless of what recruiting sites say about those players or what offers they hold. So, now with a player who is getting national recognition, it is interesting to see no offer extended to this point. 

His 419 total yard and 5 touchdown Friday night is not unlike any other Friday night he plays, but this one was on national television. Everyone in the country with ESPN playing on Friday knows the name Braylin Presley now. He is no longer a secret to fans of Oklahoma high school football. 

Offers will come to Braylin. Popularity will come to Braylin. Rankings will come to Braylin. Will Oklahoma State? 

Well, we will find out. Braylin told me after his electric Friday night that he spoke with Oklahoma State running backs coach John Wozniak on Thursday. Braylin said "most of it is general conversation but sometimes it’s about recruiting."

His new national television performance has already paid off for him he says. "I think I’ll hear from more schools from my performance," said Braylin. "I've had different coaches follow me and some have talked to me so hopefully I hear from some soon." He also added "I just feel like this was a big statement game to showcase myself."

Yes Braylin, it certainly was. 

Whether you are an Oklahoma State fan, an Oklahoma high school football fan, or just a fan of football in general, I recommend watching Braylin Presley for the remainder of his 2020 season. You will not want to miss it.