Update On Recruiting: Good News Coming For Cowboys

Oklahoma State will be receiving several commitments over the next few days. June has always seemed to be good for Cowboys football recruiting and it looks like it will be again.
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As we all know from Mike Gundy's Twitter, there are several commitments coming for the Cowboys as the "Let's Ride" messages have outnumbered the number of commitments on the Cowboys 2021 recruiting tally. 

Yesterday, Norman receiver Jaden Bray committed to the Cowboys, but he will not be the last for this weekend or the first few days of the next week. There are more coming. 

For a week or so now, the Oklahoma State staff has received silent commitments from some targets that they have been recruiting for some time. 

Pokes Report is on top of these and will cooperate to allow those prospects the chance to produce their commitment messages and debut them on their schedule. The way recruiting works in this new world of social media and grand announcements on the various platforms, it is often a day or two, sometimes a week before recruits have their message ready. 

At Pokes Report, we are not in the business of spoiling a kids moment, so patience is the name of the game here. We will alert you when to expect these commitments.

Pokes Report has confirmed with the recruits as recent as this afternoon what their plans are and when to expect announcements. 

We will just say that the coming two-to-three days will have some good news for Oklahoma State football fans and recruiting enthusiasts. We expect one later today Sunday, June 7.

There is pressure and I've had lots of people on Twitter asking me who the upcoming pledges are, but part of the process now for us to be ahead of the game as we are is we agree to let the players break their announcements. You'll notice that between myself and Robert Allen that we have had quick stories and have been the only Oklahoma State recruiting source with actual face-to-face interviews with the Cowboys commitments.

What we can do is talk about some of the top recruiters own staff right now for the Cowboys. 

Joe Bob Clements and Greg Richmond don't have a lot of spots on the board as Oklahoma State loses few defensive linemen, but they were quick to land a standout in four-star Santa Fe linebacker/edge defender Collin Oliver.

An obvious one is wide receivers coach and offensive coordinator Kasey Dunn. Dunn has made the receiver position at Oklahoma State a very popular one and one that recruits take notice too. He is looking to bulk up his receiving core to replace the losses of several stars after the 2020 season. 

Another strong recruiter right now is cornerbacks coach Tim Duffie. Duffie brought in a good class of corners last year and already has one committed for 2021. With Rodarius Williams and others leaving after 2020, some depth will be brought in with this class and he seems to be all over it. 

Offensive line coach Charlie Dickey is coming into his second year with the Cowboys and has already solidified himself as a top recruiter in Stillwater. His 2020 class was a  very impressive one and he is trying to bring in 3-4 prospects at the position this year. He is in a great spot with some big names and continues to offer top talent. 

Early June has always been a prime time for Oklahoma State to land a number of commitments and even with the COVID-19 and the moratorium on recruiting either on the road in-person or having official or unofficial visitors on campus, the Cowboys will be landing a significant portion of the recruiting class in the next few days.