Every Player Who Has Reported An Oklahoma State Official Offer

Marshall Levenson

August 1st of every recruiting cycle marks the date that official offers can legally be sent out to prospects. All commits and major targets of programs have been posting graphics of official offers sent to them by schools. 

Starting at just after midnight, Oklahoma State prospects began to post their graphics. Here is a running list of all reported/posted official offers. 


Jaden Nixon

Raymond Gay

Aden Kelley

Collin Oliver

John Paul Richardson

Cam Smith


Alton McCaskill

CamRon Valdez

Jeffrey Bassa

Tavierre Dunlap

Enrique Cruz Jr. 

Jordan Moko

Just because a commit or major Cowboy target has not posted an official offer graphic, it does not mean they did not receive one. The real official offer will come to them in the mail in a packet form. Some players simply just decide not to post them. 

Here is a look at some of the other official offer graphics being sent out by Power 5 programs to their prospects.