Recent Cowboy Commit Ty Williams Talks Pokes, Recruiting, and Interceptions in Q&A

Robert Allen

It took a couple of days, but I finally got Oklahoma State's recent safety commitment Ty Williams to stop long enough to do about a five minute interview. The 6-1, 190-pound four-sport performer and two-way football player at Muskogee High School hasn't slowed down for the COVID-19 pandemic. He told me he is spending lots of time working out and staying in shape and that is in addition to doing schoolwork and keeping up with his four jobs. 

Williams committed to Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy and the Cowboys on Sunday. He had offers from Tulsa, Arkansas, Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State, Tennessee, TCU, Texas Tech, and Nebraska.

He was featured recently in a story by Mike Brown in The Tulsa World entitled: The Art of the Steal: Muskogee DB Ty Williams is a takeaway specialist that is getting a lot of recruiting attention. 

We incorrectly awarded him 16 career interceptions in our commitment story, but we were only two off. He has 14 interceptions, 15 if you count one that was erased by a teammate's penalty. He's done that while also playing quarterback for the Roughers. His coaches including head coach Rafe Watkins and defensive coordinator Jason Sexton love him.

“He’s worked his tail off and he’s earned everything he’s getting,” Sexton said in the World article. “He’s just a special human being, as far as carrying a high GPA, being on time for everything he does and doing the little things correctly. He’s the total package.”

Here goes with our interview:

PR: First, congratulations.

TW: Yes sir, thank you, I appreciate it.

PR: Tell me how recruiting went, because this is unlike anything we have ever seen with the coronavirus. You had a lot of schools chasing you, but everybody has had to stay away from each other.

TW: Yes, sir. It went pretty good and I felt like it was slowing down a little bit. I was able to think more about where I was going. So when it settled down it gave me more time to think about where I could possibly be.

PR: I'm think that you will definitely play on the defensive side of the ball in college?

TW: Yes sir.

PR: Playing quarterback is fun and you have done a good job, but playing quarterback for a safety or corner can be a big help. You can put yourself in the opposing quarterback's position and anticipate what he is going to do.

Ty Williams2
Ty Williams playing quarterback for Muskogee.Muskogee, Okla. Phoenix Newspaper

TW: It helps me read a lot. I know what to look for and the reads are easier to me because, like you said, I know what I look for and he has to be looking for the same thing.

PR: Now take me through your sophomore season. You had five interceptions in 10 snaps on defense. C'mon, Deion Sanders couldn't average a pick for every two plays, really?

TW: Yes sir, yes sir. I'm a ball hawk. I can do it on defense, my basketball experience helps me too. I can get the ball. Our coaches emphasize leadership and one way to lead is to make plays. We have a lot of younger players coming up and I want them to understand they can make plays, so I have to be an example.

PR: Now, you are playing more snaps on defense, pretty much full-time. Do you ever get tired out there?

TW: No sir, you can't be tired when you are trying to be great.

PR: You said you connected with Coach Gundy, what sold you on Oklahoma State?

TW: They are committed to doing the right things and where ever I go you don't hear anything bad about O-State. I felt O-State is a place that I could see myself for the next four years.

PR: Do you know what you want to study?

TW: Something with construction because I'm a hand on guy and I don't want to be in an office all day.

PR: What are you doing right now? You are a wrestler and a basketball player too, right?

TW: Yes sir, track too. (as well as football)

PR: So for a guy that does this much, you have to be bored. Somebody that competes that much, how have you channeled yourself? How are you staying in shape?

TW: Actually, this give you more time to work on staying in shape then when you are in school. I have more time to work out. I will get in two to three workouts a day and then I work four jobs. I'm working out more now and I get a run in too. I work for the county and I work at the church. I cut grass too. Then I work at The River in Tahlequah.


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