What Lance Jones Said After Purdue's 72-66 Win Over Tennessee in the Elite Eight

Lance Jones didn't have his biggest game in Purdue's win over Tennessee in the Elite Eight, but he hit a huge 3-pointer and played well defensively for the Boilermakers. Here's what the senior guard said following the Boilermakers' win over the Volunteers.
Purdue guard Lance Jones (55) celebrates 72-66 win over Tennessee at the NCAA tournament Midwest
Purdue guard Lance Jones (55) celebrates 72-66 win over Tennessee at the NCAA tournament Midwest / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Lance Jones didn't have his best performance in Purdue's 72-66 victory over Tennessee to advance to the Final Four, but he made some big plays to secure the win. Now, the Boilermakers are in position to compete for a national championship.

Jones finished Sunday's game with seven points, which included a clutch 3-pointer with under 2:30 to play in the game, putting Purdue up 66-60. He also played well on the defensive end.

All season, Jones has added a new dimension for the Boilermakers on both ends of the court. His spark proved helpful in Sunday's win over the Volunteers.

Here's everything Jones said following Purdue's victory over Tennessee in the Elite Eight.

On Zach Edey's star status in college basketball ...

Yeah, Zach is -- his game speaks for itself. One thing I really like about Zach, he's humble. He doesn't brag about what he does and what he's capable of doing. He just goes out there, he works, he puts his head down. You know he's a great teammate.

On Jones' ability to stay confident when shots don't go in ...

 Just staying confident. Just be ready to shoot. Coach Paint tells us, just be ready to shoot the ball when it comes your way and you're wide open.

I put a lot of work in my shot, and I have a lot of confidence in that, and my teammates have a lot of confidence in me.

On defending Tennessee's Dalton Knecht ...

So I wanted to make it my main priority to lock in defensively. When I lead defensively, it kind of trickles down and helps everybody else defensively.

He was cooking. So I wanted to do anything I could to shut his water off.

On how difficult it is to defend Knecht off of screens ...

Just sticking with it, just trying to be physical, make his catches limited, push the ball out where he catches the ball. Just try to make it hard on him defensively.

He can rise over me and shoot over smaller guards. So, yeah, I just wanted to do whatever is necessary.

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