The NBA has reportedly been in close communication with the Board of Governors and have come up with a target date for the return of the season.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that July 31st is when the league will try to resume the season.

A number of different scenarios have been discussed in terms of how the playoffs will look and whether more regular season games will be played before then.

For players like former South Carolina Gamecock and current Denver Nugget PJ Dozier have been itching to get back on the court for a number of reasons.

“Oh absolutely. Especially when those checks aren’t rolling in like they were,” he said in an interview with Sports Illustrated earlier this month. “We just have to stay patient and understand that all of this that’s occurring is for the betterment of everyone else and it’s safety precautions that’s being taken. But as young guys, we’re definitely ready to continue our journey and get back out there on the court so we can maintain our status and continue to progress.”

He added that he has faith in the league officials who have been working to ensure they make the right decisions on behalf of everyone.

“I trust that the league is going to do what they need to do to make sure that everyone is healthy and safe in that regard,” he said. “But at the end of the day, we’re competitors so the sooner we get, I’m sure the majority of us guys are going to be ready to play.”

Dozier added that teammates and colleagues he’s talked to have shared in his eagerness to get back on the court, though there are some factors that give them pause.

“It’s a little bit of both,” he said. “A lot of the guys are eager to get back out there, but at the same time they definitely want to take the steps to make sure that everyone is healthy. We’re still going to be around family and things like that so we want to make sure that when it is time to go back out there, we’re put in a safe position to do so, to do our job at a high level and also to come home to our family and loved ones and also make sure they’re safe as well.”