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Tyasha Harris Talks About Making Dallas Wings Roster

Tyasha Harris was one of four draft picks selected by a team with 15 players on its roster already. She talks about what the process was like making the official roster.

The 2020 WNBA draft class had one of the most challenging paths to make official rosters in modern history. 

In addition to being an incredibly deep class filled with talent, the COVID-19 outbreak prevented a training camp from being held. Many players were unable to showcase what they brought to the league one final time. 

As challenging as it was, former South Carolina Gamecock Tyasha Harris had an added level of difficulty being one of four draft picks for a Dallas Wings team that already had 15 players coming into the draft. 

She spoke with SI's Chaunte'l Powell about what the process was like going from draft night to making the official roster.