Could Jamal Adams Trade Affect Jadeveon Clowney's Decision?

Chaunte'l Powell

The big news out of the NFL this weekend was the trade of Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks.

Could this blockbuster trade have any impact on free agent Jadeveon Clowney?

Clowney has previously stated that he loves playing for the Seahawks and credits the organization for helping him grow as a professional. He’s also been very adamant about teams meeting his asking price.

The Seahawks have about $17 million in cap space, which is a little under what Clowney's looking for, but could be close enough to get a deal done. 

Still, this weekend saw Clowney support the decision on social media and players make a pitch for him to join them.

Clowney liked the Bleacher Report post announcing Adams as the newest member of the Seattle Seahawks. 

Here’s what we know about Clowney’s free agency situation:

• It appears he wants to remain in SEA's Michael Silver was on ESPN Radio recently and shared a conversation he had with Clowney in which he said the organization taught him how to be a professional and he believes Clowney wants to remain a Seahawk.

•There's a need for him in Seattle- The Seahawks were already a subpar pass rush team and with the recent departure of DLs Quinton Jefferson and Al Woods, there is certainly a need for Clowney.

• He wants to get paid- Clowney recently turned down a $17 million a year an offer from the Miami Dolphins, who have been pursuing Clowney since before he was traded to Seattle. Clowney is looking for $20 million a year, which is comparable to Khalil Mack.

•Health is still a concern with Clowney- His career his been marred by injuries most recently a core injury suffered this past season and the current suspension of sports due to the coronavirus outbreak exacerbates the situationh as he wont be able to get a physical at the moment.

Clowney could end up signing a one year deal in order to get the immediate payout he's seeking or he could wait it out until Seattle gives him a better offer.