Should The NCAA Be Handling Football's Return Differently?

Chaunte'l Powell

It's been a rough few months for NCAA officials as they've deliberated on the best possible way to salvage college football. 

As teams have returned to their respective campuses and prepare for practice this month, there have been a couple snags, which begs the question is this being handled correctly? 

College football players have been allowed to hit the field for strength and conditioning and will now be allowed to practice in July.

The model for schools whose first game is Sept. 5 allows teams to have up to eight hours for weight training, conditioning and film review per week From July 13-23.

From July 24, through Aug. 6, schools will be allowed to participate in up to 20 hours of athletically related activities per week. This includes weight training and conditioning, walk-throughs that include a football and team meetings.

As of right now the South Carolina Gamecocks are still meeting with players via Zoom and going through installs according to head coach Will Muschamp.

Muschamp has said during the shutdown that he and his team would prepare as though the season were going to start on time and it appears it will do so.

In terms of preparation he’s said eight weeks is enough time to prepare.

“Until somebody tells me differently we’re playing in the fall and I think it takes at least eight weeks minimal to get ready,” he said earlier this spring. “A month to get in shape and then a month of practice in order to prepare the right way and keep the student-athletes healthy.”




Chaunte'l Powell

Chaunte'l Powell