Gamecocks Join Columbia Protest; Roger Goodell Admits He Made Mistakes

Chaunte'l Powell

Football teams across the nation joined in on protests Friday including the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Head coach Will Muschamp and his team gathered at the Governor’s Mansion and proceed to march to the State House with other protesters.

Muschamp as well as his team all wore masks and some held signs including quarterback Jay Urich.

Quarterback Ryan Hilinski has been very vocal on social media following the death of George Floyd and he said the team voted and the decision to join the protest and fight against social injustice was unanimous. He also said the battle has been ongoing and it’s important for them to make their voices heard.

NFL players have been making their voices heard as well. Earlier this week a video was released featuring former Gamecock Stephon Gilmore and other prominent players in the league calling for justice and action for the NFL.

This led to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to respond. In his video, Goodell admits to mishandling the peaceful protests players displayed over the years which has led to many calling for Colin Kaepernick to receive a fair shot at rejoining an NFL team.