It’s game week for the South Carolina Gamecocks and while there are still some question marks at a few positions, offensive coordinator Mike Bobo believes that one position group will help make an impact almost immediately.

Bobo’s offense features two tight ends on each snap and he feels like this will be a key component to forcing their will upon opposing defenses.

“Well I think when you’re in a two tight end set and you have the ability to run the ball in the two tight end set, it keeps them in regular personnel on defense,” he said. “They're not coming in the game and nickel and our defense has played a lot of dime as well. We're not seeing a lot of that stuff unless it’s third and long and they're gonna play primarily pass.”

He noted that it also will help them be able to predict what defenses they're going to see. 

“If we come out in 11 personnel or 10 personnel first, second down we’re gonna get nickel or dime. If we come out 12 personnel, we’re not gonna get nickel or dime. So it allows you to kind of dictate what they’re gonna be in as far as personnel on defense and create some great some mismatches sometimes when you got ideas on linebackers or sometimes safeties.”

Bobo has faith in the group despite their overall inexperience. He said he issued the challenge for them to be the X-Factor and so far they’ve responded well.

I’ve said this since day one, we're trying to figure out what's our best personnel groups,” he said. “Who gives us the best advantage to be competitive on the field and the tight ends have done a nice job. We need more consistency at that position overall…I told those guys yesterday if we're gonna have a chance to be pretty good on offense, I think that group has to be the difference for us.”

The unit will led by Nick Muse, who is coming off an ACL injury, but still made the John Mackey preseason watch list.