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Dawn Staley Discusses South Carolina's Coaches Supporting One Another

Dawn Staley was asked this pas Friday about the culture regarding supporting other coaches at the University of South Carolina.
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Over the past five days, South Carolina Gamecock fans have seen coaches from several athletic programs at the school cheering on the basketball programs. Shane Beamer was at the men's basketball game versus No. 6 Kentucky this past Tuesday night. Dawn Staley appeared for both the men's b-ball game against the Wildcats and their Saturday matchup against Missouri.

Head baseball coach Mark Kingston shouted out both basketball programs when he spoke to the media this past Wednesday. Men's soccer coach Tony Annan shouted out Staley and the women's basketball team after their win over the No. 9 LSU Tigers this past Thursday. I haven't covered all the bases, but you get the overall point.

Shane Beamer with his son Hunter cheering on the Gamecocks men's b-ball team this past Tuesday vs Kentucky (23rd Jan., 2024)

Shane Beamer with his son Hunter cheering on the Gamecocks men's b-ball team this past Tuesday vs Kentucky (23rd Jan., 2024)

For the first time that most fans can remember, the head coaches of the Gamecocks' different athletic programs are taking on a more active role in not just acknowledging but publicly supporting other sports teams at the university. It's not unique to just South Carolina, but it speaks to the positive culture set by the coaches and likely being passed down to the players of each team.

When talking to the media on Friday afternoon, South Carolina women's basketball coach Dawn Staley gave her thoughts on the support coaches have given one another in recent years.

"It really is our culture here to have coaches support each other. We really know how important that is to feel like we're supported because, a lot of times, people feel like they're on the island. And it's not just it's not just football. Men's basketball, women's basketball. I go to softball games, I know. I know [men's] tennis plays Clemson on Saturday, like at 10:00. [If] we didn't [have] practice, I would be there. Josh [Goffi] has been great. Like everybody, golf, track and field. We're pretty good, and when you feel the love from within, it's easy for other people to love up on all different sports that we have here."

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