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Benny Williams on Future With Syracuse: 'I Will Be Here'

The freshman forward squashes transfer rumors before they start.

Syracuse freshman forward Benny Williams is silencing any rumors, discussions or contemplations about him potentially transferring out of the program. Williams appeared on the Exit 31 radio show on ESPN Radio Syracuse and Utica-Rome on Wednesday. He was asked to consider his original reason for committing to the Orange and if he'd like to revise that answer. While explaining that nothing has changed from his original reasons for signing with Syracuse, he also stated he is not going anywhere. 

"Coach Red recruited me really hard," Williams said. "Wasn't too overbearing. Coach Boeheim, he's a legend that speaks for himself. He knows what he's talking about. Whenever he speaks, you have to listen. He knows what he's talking about. Coaches were the same through the recruiting process as they are now, which I love. There's nothing to hide about it. And I won't be transferring. So I want to put any rumors of me transferring... I will be here. I will fight through this, whatever this is." 

The comment may seem odd on its face. However, with reduced playing time over the last few games and given the ease in which a player can leave one program for another with the transfer portal, there had been some chatter on social media wondering if he would consider that option. It is unfortunate, but also a sign of the times, that someone like Williams would even have to address that just nine games into his college career. Williams' answer, though, will end those discussions while also showing that he has a fantastic approach to his development as a basketball player. 

Williams was an elite recruit who is in his first season with Syracuse. Expectations were high because of his lofty rating. Sometimes, however, it takes longer for some to adjust to the college game. Williams has an extremely high ceiling, is an elite athlete and by all accounts a hard worker. There is no reason to believe it will not click at some point. 

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