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Jim Boeheim Duke Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Syracuse basketball's head coach discusses the Orange's loss at Duke.

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim spoke with the media following the Orange's loss at Duke. 


Boeheim: "We got off to a really bad start. Then we played pretty well for a good period of time. They're very good defensively, and they made us take some hard shots. But we had some good open looks in the first half. Two for sixteen, we have to make some of those shots. This is the first game in the league that we just haven't been there. Duke's very good. At the end of the day, we have to make some of those shots and we just couldn't. I think that was the difference. They're a really good team. If we make some of those shots we can keep it much closer, but they're good. They played well. Baker came in and gave them some threes. They're just better than us today, for sure." 

Q: Can you elaborate on how they were able to contend Buddy a little more than usual?

Boeheim: "Buddy got to the shots. He's been played that way all year. By big guys. He's able, usually, to get to his spot. He wasn't able to and then when he got some looks, he just couldn't make them." 

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Q: Do you have any emotions about playing Coach K for the last time here (Cameron)?

Boeheim: "We're really good friends and that's separate from basketball. When we come here, we want to win, they want to win. Those memories are all in a different category. They're not in the basketball category. We spent over 300 days together in the summer time over a period of really 10 years. That friendship, and basketball experience during that time, was special. We have a unique bond of being able to be together for 300 days and not have an argument. Two people that usually get their own way, except at home where neither one of us gets their own way. Ever. I've only got two girls at home, he's got a whole lot. It's been an unbelievable relationship since 1990 really. Just so many good memories, so many memories on the court, but as many off the court. When we first started coming down here, PJ (Carlesimo) and I came down and had to take Mike out to show him where the good places were to eat. He was going to Burger King or something. He didn't know any better. He learned. He learned quickly over the years. It's just been an unbelievable experience in my life. Just fortunate to have it and to coach with a guy that listens to people and takes their advice. Will do things that they think is good. Just special. When we play like this, there's nothing much to talk about. We haven't played like this all year. We've been pretty good, we've struggled but we've been there. Obviously had Miami down 18 down there, had the game at Wake Forest late. This team's played pretty well together, especially in the league. I think we're still good. I think we'll finish strongly. We can't shoot for 2-16. Some of it's on Duke and some of it's I can show you 10 pretty open looks that we got in the first half that we can make." 

Q: When they start getting shots down low and then starting hitting their threes, can you describe how hard it is to defend Duke?

Boeheim: "They're hard to defend with the two big guys, but we let Griffin go early. He was the guy we wanted to play and we didn't guard him. He got two open looks to start the game. That's inexcusable. They're going to get some stuff inside, we can't give them 14 threes. I really thought after the Griffin's first two, we defended the line pretty well. We kept him from getting a lot more looks. Then right at the end of the first half he got two more. Somebody's going to shoot. You're going to let somebody shoot some threes. I thought we were good inside with Banchero. I thought we were good with him in the first half. I think he had four at halftime. Our offense beat us in the first half. We have to score. We have to be able to put points up and we just weren't able to. I thought we got some really good looks. Jimmy got two or three right around the basket that spun out. That's what happens sometimes. It's just one of those games. You don't like it, you don't want it. But the first seven league games, we haven't had a game like this. We've played pretty well, particularly offensively. We just couldn't get the ball in the basket today. You're not winning those games." 

Q: Going forward, how can you better prepare for a team that's as physical and fast as Duke?

Boeheim: "First of all, Clemson and Pittsburgh who we just played are as physical as anybody that we've played this year. Virginia's as physical as anybody we've played this year. That wasn't the issue. Physicality, it's a physical league. Everybody's pretty physical. You just have to be able to play through that. Tonight, again, defense was good, they're physical. We got 10 threes in the first half that we normally make, we're shooting 38% for the year, but on those 10 shots that we got, they were good threes. They were good looks. Really good looks. We have to make some of those to compete. Everybody in this league is physical. Wake Forest. There's not a team that we've played that is not physical. We'll go right back to Pittsburgh Tuesday and they're a physical team. We have to be ready for that and we are."