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Cal's Three Keys to Victory

How can the Orange knock off FCS opponent UAlbany?

The Orange are facing off against UAlbany this weekend in the Dome. Each year, FBS and FCS teams face off leaving a rare occasion of upsets. The possibility of losing this game is out of the question for the Orange. The Orange cannot afford to lose this game. In this must-win matchup look for the Orange to dominate in all facets.

Win the game… but actually win the game

The Orange are playing FCS competition this weekend and the worst thing they can do is let UAlbany compete with them. Granted, football is football and everyone on the field bleeds the same. However, Syracuse is the superior team. The Orange cannot afford to lose this game but they also cannot afford for this game to be close. Winning by 1, 2, or 3 touchdowns is not enough. Also, winning in all three facets of the game is of necessity. The Orange simply have to assert their dominance from the opening kickoff.

Establish the Run

The rushing attack this week will be the catalyst out the gate for the Orange. It is proven UAlbany struggles defending the run and look for the Orange to exploit it early on. With the season just two games in, the Great Danes have allowed 442 yards rushing this year. Numbers as such are a recipe for disaster. The quicker the Orange gets Sean Tucker and Tommy DeVito involved the faster this game gets out of hand.

Don’t Fall for the Shiny Key Trick

UAlbany has nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is important that the Orange understand this. Each game this season, UAlbany has run a trick play on their field goal unit. Expect the Great Danes to pull all the tricks out of their hats. Winning a game of this magnitude would go a long way to the future of UAlbany’s program. A win is a win… but the Orange cannot afford just to win. Coming off a tough loss to Rutgers, a huge win against UAlbany can boost the team's morale going into Liberty. Look for the Orange to makeup for last week’s loss by getting the offense going and forcing more turnovers.