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Garrett Shrader on Showcasing His Talent for the Coaches, Team Chemistry

The transfer quarterback is battling for the starting job.

Syracuse quarterback Garrett Shrader met with the media after Thursday's practice to discuss a variety of topics. 

Q: How do you think it (scrimmage) went for you and for the offensive as a whole?

Garrett Shrader: "I thought the offense did good. There was a healthy trade-off between offense and defense but that was probably one of the more explosive days we had. It was good to see. It was kind of back and forth but the offense did look good. Had some explosive plays running backs getting out, receivers making plays making catches so it was good to see."

Q: What do you think you were able to show? Are you getting hit and if not, do you feel like so much of what you're good at comes in full contact situations, like you feel like you can show all of that?

Shrader: "No, quarterbacks weren't live. I mean a lot of the stuff like you said that I do is you don't really see it. It doesn't really take place ‘til we are live but just showcasing what I could do there's a couple of plays I wish I had back but I’m just continuing to learn to keep getting better every day."

Q: I’m assuming scrimmage two is gonna be the same way?

Shrader: "Yeah I think so."

Q: So what is it like for you? You know you're trying to compete for early playing time, but maybe what you do best can't be shown in a camp setting?

Shrader: "Just showing that you understand the offense and that you would make good decisions, that's a big thing, like throwing the ball away. And sometimes it's hard to like see exactly when you do it because it’s basically more a feeling. But just showing to them that I know what I'm doing is the biggest thing and continuing to make the right decisions and the right reads, not to turn the ball over."

Q: Does that make you more excited for you know whenever that opportunity when you go live to be able to show that?

Shrader: "Absolutely."

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Q: We just saw you're working on fade routes and some of the receivers kind of just seem like they're trying to maintain that chemistry that you guys have been building over camp so far. What's it been like? You were talking to us about how it’s your third year with your third staff. How's it working with these new guys? How's the chemistry?

Shrader: "Well it's good, getting better every day just learning, and like I said we're continuing to put in new stuff implement new stuff so even if you got to make it really get caught up and work out to practice it during the course of practice we don't necessarily connect it or hit it so we get it fixed after practice so we don't keep stacking with incomplete passes or missed timing, and it's the biggest thing so that's what we're doing right there just because we do it a little bit differently so."

Q: What's this competition been like for you? You seem like a guy that you know kind of thrives on competition. What's it been like battling for this quarterback position?

Shrader: "It’s been good, it's different. I mean, every year I've been competing, it's always been a fifth year gap. But I mean this is I guess this is a little bit different because I mean he's (DeVito) been here and just knows all the stuff. So every now and then they'll talk about plays and I just gotta ask what the play is. So it's been different for sure just coming in. Because in Mississippi State I was there already, but coming into a new spot. I feel like I’ve been given an opportunity and just got to keep getting better and working and see how I can help the team."

Q: You talk about getting better. What are you trying to work on then? Give me a day of Garrett Shrader. A day in your shoes on what you're trying to work on day in and day out.

Shrader: "The biggest thing is just going out and not necessarily thinking anymore and just actually playing like how you would. Because early on in the spring and even early summer, you're trying to figure out where are your guys and what your guys are going to do, and you're not really looking at the defense to go into a play so at this point it should be more just going out and playing and showing how you can just be comfortable and don't don't think too much just go and play make plays and be productive."

Q: I just wanted you to describe the offensive line play in the first scrimmage and just kind of what you've seen out of that group.

Shrader: "I thought they were good. They were moving guys getting up the second level and third level and really opening up the holes for the ‘backs. ‘Backs were hitting them hard and reading their blocks really well. So it was one of the better days I thought. Explosive playing like in the run game. Always good to see and hopefully we can do that again this weekend."

Q: You get to look on the other side of the football and see a guy like Mikel Jones and Garrett Williams back there. What do they bring from your standpoint to the defense this year?

Shrader: "The defense does a lot of good stuff; they're exotic and a lot of unconventional things. But Mikel, he's a great football player, an even better person. Same thing with Garrett and they're really leaders out there. I mean not have a time when you see in the backfield they'll let you know. They're all over the place and they're definitely high energy guys and they make this team better, they make our offense better because that's what that's what we need."

Q: Now going into 15 days from your opening game. You were just talking about how the next few weeks are just going to be focusing on the tiniest details. What are those details for you and the team that you think you guys may improve on just going in?

Shrader: "Biggest thing is just trust your eyes, I think for me. Because half the time I'm seeing it right and the only time I get off is when I second guess myself so I mean I feel like I’m seeing everything right just got to continue to just pull the trigger when the read’s there and just keep going, making plays. Keep making plays, be explosive and produce that's the biggest thing."