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NFL Draft Profile: Andre Cisco

Where could Syracuse's star safety be selected?

We spoke with NFL Draft Bible's Ric Serritella to get an in depth look at Syracuse safety Andre Cisco and his draft prospects. 

THE BACKGROUND: "This was supposed to be the guy that ended the streak since Justin Pugh, the last Syracuse first round selection," Serritella said. "Andre Cisco I have here at last check, 5-foot-11 and 6/8 inches, 203 pounds. We kind of projected him to run in that 4.50 range for the 40 yard dash. Queens, New York native, attended IMG. Parents are divorced, two sisters. 

"In terms of a person, coaches are going to love that he's self driven, he's very mature and he's a self motivated player. He was actually a three year starter in high school at cornerback before moving over to safety. So there's a good foundation of cover skills."

STRENGTHS: "At Syracuse, he just proved to be a true ball hawk. We project him at the next level as a boundary safety. He's going to thrive playing in the box and stuffing the run. That's what he does very well. He has great instincts, shows good anticipation. Very good straight line speed from point A to point B. In ball pursuit, he's very quick there. An explosive hitter. A workout warrior. Had there been a combine or if he does get an opportunity to compete at the combine, I do think that is where he kind of pick up some ground on what I believe is a pretty strong safety class. 

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"I know going into the offseason, and I think this was last summer, he was benching 315, squatting 480 and power cleaning 285. I don't know what his recent numbers are but that was at least check.

AREA TO IMPROVE: "In terms of what he needs to improve, talking to coach Babers, he can be a little bit better tackler. Specifically making sure he's in a better position to make the tackle. While his instincts and anticipation are great, he just needs to do a better job being in the right position. The other question is then going to be the durability coming off of the injury. In 2019 he missed three games I think to a leg injury. 

DRAFT PROJECTION: "The other thing that kind of stood out to me at media day two years ago, Cisco really transformed his body. I remember Dino saying he went down to Walmart and picked himself up some pecs, traps and tris. Then you saw Cisco and you thought gosh, is he hitting the weight room too much and is that leading to some of these injuries. I think that's going to be in the back of some of these scout's minds in the process. 

"I think he will get an invite to the combine and get a medical done. That's going to go a long way in determining where he is ultimately selected. If he does perform in Indianapolis and does all the testing, then maybe he sneaks into the first round. But I think even still, with the injury concerns, because of the athletic profile, the pedigree and the production, I think at the end of the day he's still a top 50 selection overall."