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Syracuse Kicks Off Training Camp: Day 1 Notes & Observations

The Orange football team looks energized for the 2021 season.

Syracuse football began training camp on Friday for the 2021 season. While practice was only open to the media for 10 minutes, we were able to observe a bit during that time. 

Key notes and observations: 

  • Transfer Quarterback Garrett Shrader looked energetic in his first training camp practice. 
  • Drills for a couple minutes and transitioned into full-team warm-ups.
    • Quarterbacks
      • Both throwing and footwork drills
    • Linebackers
      • Sandbag exercises
    • Wide Receivers
      • Worked on releases off the line of scrimmage
    • Offensive Line
      • Drill with coming out of stance and hitting defender in the chest
  • Warm-ups were everyday stretches:
    • Jogging, high knees, skipping, grapevine, toe taps, etc.

One overall observation:

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  • High energy was prevalent throughout everyone: coaches, players and staff. Loud, upbeat music helped keep spirits high for the season ahead.